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  • Midway University Celebrates Nursing Graduates with Traditional Pinning Ceremony

May 16, 2024

Midway, KY – Midway University held its Nursing Pinning Ceremony on May 10, 2024, in Duthie Auditorium, celebrating the dedication and achievements of its latest nursing graduates. The ceremony, a time-honored tradition in the nursing community, saw 30 candidates receive their official Midway University Nursing Pins, symbolizing their transition from students to professional nurses, and for some attaining an advanced degree.

The evening began with a warm welcome and an opening prayer led by Auburnleigh Debruler, the class representative, who set the tone for the ceremony with a heartfelt invocation highlighting the noble calling of the nursing profession. The prayer emphasized the importance of compassion, service, and continual learning in nursing.

Dr. Diane Chlebowy, Dean of the School of Health Sciences, introduced the keynote speaker, Ms. Katherine L. Leigh, a distinguished alumna of the nursing program and the Senior Director of Quality and Patient Experience at Georgetown Community Hospital. Ms. Leigh shared her inspiring journey and the vital role nurses play in healthcare. Dr. Chlebowy also extended congratulations to the graduates, underscoring the significance of the nursing pin. She explained its historical roots, tracing back to the Maltese Cross and its evolution as a symbol of service and commitment in nursing.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Midway University Nursing Pins and apricot roses, symbolizing the academic discipline of Nursing. Graduates were pinned by family members and mentors, each moment signifying personal triumph and professional readiness.

Graduates included:

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

  • Hailey Bowman
  • Dequala Brown
  • Mariah Burnett
  • Nadia Dominica Cloyd
  • Katherine Coogan
  • Brittany Davis
  • Riley Dawkins
  • Auburnleigh Ann Debruler
  • Sydney Fonken
  • Randi Lynn Griffett
  • Ella Vance Johnson
  • Leigh Adair Middleton
  • Briana F. Miller
  • Sophia Grace Narramore
  • Lakyn Orr
  • Alison Sturgill

Prelicensure Bachelor of Science Nursing

  • Madison Paige Clayton
  • Jenna Bethany Duecker
  • Sharon Humphrey
  • Hannah Pohl
  • Joel Price
  • Yasmeen Shalash
  • Ashley Ann Smith
  • Jocelyn Spaulding
  • Kevin Alberto Tamariz Barradas

RN-Bachelor of Science Nursing 

  • Carrie Lafoe Adkins
  • Brooke Piester 

Master of Science Nursing

  • Ryane Netherly
  • Stephani Powell
  • Cassandra Sheaffer

The ceremony also recognized outstanding graduates with special awards:

  • Florence Nightingale Award: Hailey Bowman (Associate Degree) and Sharon Humphrey (Prelicensure Bachelor Degree)
  • Clinical Award: Sophia Narramore (Associate Degree) and Kevin Tamariz (Prelicensure Degree)
  • Professional Excellence Award: Auburnleigh Debruler (Associate Degree) and Jocelyn Spaulding (Prelicensure Bachelor Degree)
  • Resilience Award: Carrie Adkins (RN-BSN)
  • Baptist Health Lexington Leadership Award: Jenna Duecker

These awards honored students for their integrity, clinical excellence, professional excellence, resilience, and leadership in the nursing field.

The ceremony concluded with a Nurse’s Prayer led by Stephani Powell, inviting all nurses present to join in a collective pledge to compassion and service. Sharon Humphrey offered a closing benediction, expressing gratitude for the support and education provided by Midway University and committing to a lifelong journey of service and care. Dr. Timothy Campbell, Vice President of Academic Affairs, provided the closing remarks, encouraging graduates to carry forward the values and skills they have acquired. The evening ended with a formal procession, marking the beginning of the graduates' professional careers in nursing. Sally Kelton, Harpist, provided beautiful music for the ceremony, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere with her enchanting melodies.

Midway University, located in Midway, Kentucky, is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive education that combines academic rigor with real-world experience. The School of Health Sciences at Midway University is committed to preparing students for successful careers in nursing, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values essential for excellence in healthcare.