International Student Services

Midway University takes great pride in providing a global education by ensuring an international presence and perspective on our campus. We are committed to the continuing diversification of our student body and to providing our students with opportunities to make cross-cultural connections.

Midway University provides personal support to international students in order to meet their specific needs, including:

  • Acculturation and Re-entry Sessions
    Acculturation Sessions are offered once international students first arrive in order to support students in their adaptation to the norms, rules, and culture of Kentucky and the United States of America. Re-entry Sessions are offered before international students travel back home after a semester or year at Midway. The sessions are intended to help students understand their new identity after being immersed in the American culture and way of life.
  • Personal Support
    Midway University is your home away from home. We provide relevant information on cellular phone companies, banks, and insurance companies, among other services that international students may require. Midway also runs a weekly shuttle to stores in order for the students to get personal items, go out for dinner, and so forth. Other services, activities, and events are coordinated by Student Affairs.
  • Pre-Departure Guide
  • Post-Arrival Guide

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