Guidelines for Documentation for Disability Accommodations

Here are some guidelines for documentation of a learning disability or a physical disability:

  • Documentation and/or the form must be provided by a healthcare professional qualified to evaluate disabilities in the areas related to your request.
    • Documentation should confirm the existence of a current disability and identify the precise limitations caused by it.
    • Information provided by you, your parent, or others may be helpful supplementary information but does not constitute professional documentation of a disability.
  • Documentation should be on the professional’s official letterhead with date and signature.
  • Documentation must be recent enough to establish the currency of the disability. Typically, this will be no more than twelve months old, unless the disability and need for reasonable accommodation is readily apparent
  • The form submitted should generally include:
    • Confirmation of the existence of a current disability.
    • The precise limitations caused by the disability, which may include information about symptoms, frequency, and severity.
    • Extent of functional impairment caused by condition for which accommodation is being requested.
    • Need for accommodations at present time (including specific recommendations).
    • Projected time period for which accommodations may be needed.
  • Documentation may include copies of 504 or IEP plans from high school. However, these records need to include more than a list of accommodations. (PLEASE NOTE: the accommodations made in high school may not be the same as those made or available in college.)

Once these materials have been received and reviewed, you will be notified by the Student Accommodations Coordinator to set up a meeting to discuss reasonable accommodations that can be extended. Please contact the Student Accommodations Coordinator if you have any questions about the accommodation application and required documentation.

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