Interlibrary Loan Policy


Interlibrary loan permits Midway University faculty, staff and students to borrow resources from several thousand cooperating libraries. If a request form is not available to you through the electronic database you are using, the following procedures apply.

1. The borrower must complete an interlibrary loan form available at the reference desk, and return it to the circulation desk or to any member of the library staff.
2. Borrowers must allow a minimum of one week for receipt of materials.
3. Generally, the borrower will incur no costs for the interlibrary loan. Occasionally, the lending library will charge for the items. In this case, the circulation supervisor will inform the borrower beforehand.
4. Books are to be returned by the due date as specified by the lending library.
5. Lost items will be assessed the replacement cost as well as a $25.00 processing fee.


Copyright Guidelines

If the library requests, from another library, copies from a periodical or copyrighted work that it does not own, it may not request so many copies that such copies substitute for a subscription of the periodical or a purchase of the work. To stay within this rule, the library should abide by the following guidelines:
1. Within any calendar year, the library may not request more than 5 copies of material from
any one work that was published within the previous five years.
2. The library fulfilling a request for copies may not fulfill the request unless the requesting
library provides a written statement that the request conforms with these guidelines.
3. The requesting library must maintain records of all requests it has made during the current
calendar year and the three previous years, and must include a copyright notice.


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