Xproctor is an independent authentication system used for educational purposes for on-line students. Xproctor is an electronic proctoring solution that combats academic dishonesty by authenticating the student in an on-line environment. Our authentication services include verifying the student’s identity and continued personal participation via facial recognition, video, sound, and photographic methods. Our proctoring and authentication solutions provide an audit trail that is compliant with most accreditation principles and procedures, making it easy to provide evidence of verifiable exam proctoring when the need arises.

Using Xproctor ensures the integrity of the exam for your institution while still allowing your students the flexibility they need with an online solution. By authenticating users for on-line education purposes, you increase the quality of their education as well as make sure your institution is providing the best service possible for your students. On-line learning has become more and more prevalent in our society, creating a need for proctoring you can trust partnered with student authentication.

Xproctor solutions are affordable and user friendly. Our patent pending technology requires students to sign in to the system and consent to being recorded. The institution can pre-configure settings to capture what they are concerned about during the exam. The system will take screenshots, read highlighted text out loud, capture unprompted audio, take user photos, and more. If desired, Xproctor can even compare the photo taken during the exam to the institution’s stored photo of the student to verify identity of the person taking the exam (http://www.xproctor.com/).

What is Xproctor and how it works

Hardware/Software Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Webcam 640×480 resolution 1280×720 resolution
Windows OS Windows XP Windows 8
Mac OS OS 10.7.3 OS 10.10
Download Speed 768Mbps 1.5Mbps
Upload Speed .384Mbps 1.5Mbps
RAM 1024MB 2GB

Download Xproctor
Use the following link from any browser to download Xproctor for PC or Mac. Remember to download Adobe Air first from the same link below:


Update Profile
Run Xproctor.
For PC: Run it from your desktop or “Start” menu.
For Mac: Go to Finder -> Applications -> Xproctor.

Xproctor’s window will open, and after few seconds the word “connected!” will appear in blue. Then enter your credentials as follows:

Proctor ID: Your student ID
Password: The first four letters of your last name plus the last four numbers of your student ID. For example if your student ID is 123445678 and your name is Mike Smith, then your password should be smit5678
Select School: From the drop menu select “Midway University”
Leave “Group” and “SubGroup” fields blank and press the “Login” button

You will be presented with an Accept Agreement Window which has two buttons. Please select the “Update Profile” button. A window will be displayed where you can change your password and upload your photo. You must upload a photo.

Change your password by typing a new password into the field. Retype it for confirmation, then press “Submit”. You should see a small window indicating “Update succeeded”.

Next, press anywhere on the silhouette to upload your photo. Then Press “Done”.
You will be returned to the Accept Agreement Window. Please close the window; you are finished updating your profile.

Taking photo for Xproctor profile
How to use the webcam on a PC/Mac

All laptops have integrated webcam that can be utilized to take a photo. All operating system windows 7,8,10, and Mac OS have a utility to run the webcam where you can take a photo and save it on your desktop. If for some reason you do not have the webcam utility, you may download one from http://www.manycam.com

Taking a profile picture

Do’s and Don’ts when taking photo:
1. Do not take a photo with a cap or a hat
2. Do not take a photo with sun glasses
3. Do not take a photo in dark area
4. Do not take a photo with another person
5. Do not take a photo tool close
6. You should be between 24-30″ away from the webcam
7. Do take a photo centered

Lighting and position are important to consider when taking your profile picture. The following are examples of bad and good photos:


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