Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The following are clubs and organizations that are recognized by the Midway University Student Government Association (SGA) which makes them eligible for SGA funding:


This is an international organization made up of students from around the world who make a difference in their communities through educational projects in market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business ethics. ENACTUS gives students the opportunity to acquire skills in leadership, teamwork and communication by learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise.

Kentucky Education Association Student Program (KEA-SP)

The main goals of the National and Kentucky Education Association-Student Program (NEASP and KEA-SP) are to develop an understanding in prospective educators, of the education profession. As well as to provide for a united student voice in matters affecting their profession, to influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared to advance the interests and the welfare of students preparing for a career in education, to promote and protect human and civil rights, and to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards, and attitudes. As all education majors participate in field placements in local school classrooms and preschool centers, students must provide evidence of liability insurance for this purpose. If that evidence cannot be provided, education majors must join KEA-SP, which provides liability insurance for its members.

Midway Activities Council (MAC)

Midway Activities Council (MAC) is a student led organization that seeks to provide a variety of student events and programs that reach our Midway University community and surrounding community. This student group is responsible for the planning, implementation and promotion of campus events from social and entertaining to cultural and awareness focused. MAC looks to provide programming that will add another dimension to a Midway students’ campus involvement with the intent of unifying the student body and enhancing their Midway experience. MAC features a core group of active student leaders that lead the charge in determining what students want to see on campus, and bring those ideas into fruition.

Midway Association of Nursing Students (MANS)

M.A.N.S. is a pre-professional organization of nursing students. The purposes of the organization are to provide support and encouragement for nursing students and to encourage participation in health-related events at the University. Membership is open to all nursing and pre-nursing students at Midway.

 Midway Environmental Explorations Club (MEEC)

The purpose of MEEC is to create a greater appreciation of the earth’s diverse biological wealth among all people and promote an exchange of ideas and efforts aimed at insuring continued biological diversity and sustainable, healthy, human environments. Membership is open to students, faculty and staff at Midway University.

Midway Horse Association (MHA)

Midway Horse Association is an organization that promotes interest in equine-related industries, recreational activities to both equine and non-equine students, and academic and social interaction between students and faculty. Full-time day students may become members of MHA through the initiation process. Initiations are held in the beginning of the fall semester and again in the spring semester as needed.

Prayer Group

The Midway Prayer Group is open to students, faculty and staff who want to come together weekly to pray for individuals in need and Midway University as a whole, in addition to, participating in worship and service opportunities both on-campus and off.

Psychology Club

Psychology Club is designed for psychology majors and minors and others interested in pyschology. The club members organize a community service project each semester, participate in regional psychology conferences, and host speakers and informational meetings on behavioral sciences careers.

Run Club

The Run Club is open to all students, faculty, and staff.  This organization promotes the health and athletic benefits of running to any person, regardless of their prior running experience.  They also assist members with personal goals regarding fitness and running.

Sport Management Club

The Sport Management Club is dedicated to creating opportunities to enrich students’ collegiate experience by learning more about the sport industry. Members share a common passion for sport and extend their interest through community involvement. The group works to provide students with networking opportunities and introduce them to the professional sport industry by meeting with guest speakers, planning, organizing and implementing events, and visiting and touring sport facilities.

Student Athletics Board (SAB)

The Student Athletics Board represents all students regarding team and athletics issues, goals, and governance. Two representatives from each team are elected by team members to serve on the board. The representatives discuss support for campus events and student issues and action regarding Midway athletics and facilities.

Tri-Beta/Science Club

Tri Beta/Science Club is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

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