Buster Hall

Buster Hall

Buster Hall is a community-style hall with shared bathrooms. Showers, toilets, and laundry machines share a space in the middle of each residence hall floor. Buster Hall has one main lobby for television watching, group activities, and studying. Comfortable couches, chairs, and tables are placed throughout the lobby. Microwaves and a toaster oven are provided for student use. The lobby can be entered through the front doors of the building or by entering the back entrance and walking down the stairs and through the ground floor. Buster Hall has four floors and has an elevator. Heat and air conditioning are controlled by the residents in each individual room.

Room Dimensions (exact dimensions vary)

13′ 8″ (long) x 11′ 10″ (wide)
There are two (2) door-less closets per room, which are 48″ deep and 44.5″ wide. They are 30″ at doorway (except in ground floor rooms where they’re 24″ at doorway). In triple occupancy rooms a wardrobe is provided as a third closet.

Window Dimensions

There is one window per room except for rooms G1, G19, 101, 201, 219, 301, 319, which have two (2) windows each. All windows are 69.5″ wide and 66.5″ tall

What’s In Your Room

Two (2) or Three (3) beds and mattresses (some can be bunked)—bring extra-long twin sheets
Two (2) or Three (3) desks and desk chairs
Two (2) or Three (3) chest of drawers
Two (2) door-less closets with built-in shelves
One (1) wardrobe in triple occupancy rooms
Ceiling Fan
Temperature control—heating and cooling are controlled with a thermostat in your room.

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