Belle Wisdom Hall

Belle Wisdom Hall

Belle Wisdom Hall is a suite-style hall where two residential rooms are connected by one bathroom (some rooms have private bathrooms). There are two lobbies in this residence hall. The second floor lobby is the television lounge with comfortable couches and chairs with additional tables and chairs at the back of the room for studying, and a pool table. The first floor lobby provides more space for studying or eating as it is connected to the kitchen. The kitchen space includes both a range top/oven and a microwave. The building has three floors and does not have an elevator. Air conditioners are provided in each room. The laundry room with free facilities is on the first floor of the residence hall across from the first floor lobby. A limited number of private rooms are assigned on priority basis and may be transformed into double rooms based on occupancy.

Room Dimensions (exact dimensions vary)

16′ x 10′ or 16′ x 12′
These are the average room sizes in Belle Wisdom Hall. Room size will vary according to location in the building. Closets are door-less and measure 6′ x 3′ 5″.

Window Dimensions

Window dimensions will vary in rooms in Belle Wisdom Hall. You may wish to take the time to measure the windows in your room.

What’s In Your Room

  • Two (2) or three (3) beds (some can be bunked)—bring extra-long twin sheets
  • Two (2) desks and desk chairs
  • Two (2) chests of drawers
  • One (1) door-less closet with built-in shelves
  • Tempur-Pedic mattresses


Most rooms are connected to a second room by a bathroom. There are a few rooms with private bathrooms. Each bathroom has a shower stall, toilet, and a vanity with two sinks. Under the sink storage is provided. Residents are responsible for keeping their own bathrooms clean.