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  • Sport Management Receives Grant from Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission (KBBC)

March 21, 2023

(Midway, Ky.) – For the second year in a row, the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission (KBBC) has awarded grant funds to Dr. Jeb Gorham, Midway University Botkin Professor, and his student research team.

Gorham and his students are conducting a study in collaboration with the Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (KY Shape) on bike accessibility and safety among Kentucky youth.

According to Gorham, the team will be partnering with the Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League (KICL) and KY Shape to design, implement and report on a state-wide study on bicycle accessibility and safety with our elementary, middle, and high schools. This study will have wide ranging implications and help us better understand the regular physical activity and safe practices of Kentucky’s youth related to bicycling.

This research will involve:

  • Designing a comprehensive state-wide bicycle accessibility and safety study
  • Implementing the study in Kentucky elementary, middle and high schools
  • Analyzing bicycle accessibility and physical activity related to biking and safety data
  • Reporting findings to KY Shape, local/regional wellness organizations, Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League, KYMBA Chapters and KBBC
  • Developing incentive programs for identified areas of need where we can offer bicycle access, safety equipment and seminars

The results of the study will help:

  • Identify areas/regions of low access
  • Engage schools and educators in bicycle culture
  • Explore linkages to youth cycling organizations for health and wellness
  • Identify additional opportunities for health, recreation, and wellness programming that includes safe bicycling to combat a sedentary lifestyle
  • Collaboratively develop a strategy for continued bicycle access and safety programming
  • Support the continued growth of our local, regional and state-wide youth cycling programs

The $5,000 in grant funds awarded are from the Share the Road Paula Nye Grant initiative.

“I would like to thank Dr. Gorham and his student researchers for this important work.  Accessibility to bikes is an important issue for school children throughout Kentucky and we applaud you for your continued work,” said Helen Bukulmez, KBBC representative.

Photo, left to right, Dr. Gavin Washington (Associate Professor of Sport Management), Helen Bukulmez (KBBC representative), Cassidy Schrecongost (student), Louisa Garcia (student), Dr. Jeb Gorham (Associate Professor of Sport Management and Botkin Professor), and Dr. Mark Gill (Dean, School of Business, Equine and Sport Studies).