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  • Midway University Opens New Library Hall

August 21, 2023

Midway University welcomed an anticipated record incoming class over the weekend with many students moving into the new Library Hall. The new residential space was created to address a housing shortage on campus following seven consecutive years of enrollment growth.

"To meet our ever-growing housing needs, we received a generous donation from Board Member Janet Hunter," said Dr. John P. Marsden, President, Midway University. "The donation funded Phase 1 of a project that includes the renovation and conversion of the second floor of our existing library into a residential space with 43 additional beds for this fall. Phase II of the project will entail fundraising for the construction of a new, modern library facility, and then Phase III will include the complete renovation and conversion of the existing library into a residential space."

This year Midway University is once again at capacity in all its residence halls and houses, and currently provides housing on-campus for 441 students.

With the University set to report another record incoming class and enrollment growth this year, on-campus housing continues to be a need. Official numbers will be posted after fall census, which is the second week of classes. At this time, the incoming class is at a record high and trends show total enrollment will surpass last year, which was the seventh year of enrollment growth.

"We have seen more and more students wanting to live on campus and have that experience," said Marsden. "We want to be able to accommodate as many as we can, since the research shows living on campus enhances the student's experience. Jan Hunter's generous donation and the repurposing of existing space on campus allowed us to welcome more residential students on our campus this fall."