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  • Midway University Announces Fast Track Nursing Program

October 02, 2023

Program Pathway Helps Dual Credit High School Students Advance Their Nursing Application

As one of the state’s most renowned nursing programs, Midway University has announced a new Fast Track Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program aimed at helping advance students into their nursing program quicker, which will mean more nurses in the workforce.

“With the increased emphasis in Dual Credit at the high school level over the past few years, we have continued seeing an increase in students bringing credits with them to transfer in,” said Vice President of Admissions, Ashley Dudgeon. “We saw students interested in nursing coming to us ready to not only be admitted into Midway University, but also with their dual credit courses meeting the nursing requirements and ready to move straight into our nursing program. This basically cuts a semester off their timeline, a huge time and money savings for them. So, we adapted this into a streamlined program and now are spreading the word to other potential nursing students early in their high school course planning.”

To be part of the Fast Track program the student will need to take four specific dual credit courses in English, College Algebra and Anatomy and Physiology with lab which total 13 credits hours. These are essentially pre-requisite courses that would normally be taken the student’s first semester. Students must still meet all the admissions requirements for the University and the nursing program. Those that do are fast tracked into the nursing program and jump start into nursing coursework immediately.

“We are pleased to offer one more pathway into nursing to help meet the critical workforce demand,” said Dr. Diane Chlebowy, Dean of the School of Health Sciences at Midway University. “This program is ideal for those students who have discovered early on that they have a calling to be a nurse and have begun the path at the high school level. Now with the Fast Track program outlined, we can work with more high school students and their families as they are making their college plans to help guide them in those critical dual credit courses they would need.”

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