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  • Midway University Students Present Research at Annual Symposium

May 02, 2022

On Friday, April 29, Midway University students, faculty, and staff gathered to see students present their senior capstone projects.

The Midway Research Symposium showcases senior students’ capstone projects. Students work independently or on faculty-led projects to demonstrate the rigors of science. The capstone experience characterizes an intensive, scholarly final document, related to the major field of study.

At the Symposium, students discussed the projects through oral presentations or poster sessions, which allowed them to highlight their final accomplishments as a Midway student.

Students presenting at the event included:

  • Emily Cammack (Dry Ridge, KY), Optimization of enzyme linked lectin assay for detection of Psl in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Erin Gambill (Lexington, KY), Pseudomonas species identification of environmental samples collected in central Kentucky.
  • Ashlee Simpson (Somerset, KY), Prevalence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in treated and untreated water.
  • Kindall Talley (Frankfort, KY), Observing the effects of pigmentation in competition assays with different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Winter Bruggeworth (Georgetown, KY), Isolation of P. aeruginosa from equine associated water sources in central Kentucky.
  • Alexis Campbell (Mesa, AZ), A brief biological and habitat assessment using macroinvertebrates in winter and springtime of the Lee Branch stream in Midway.
  • Madison Ludwig (Louisville, KY), Preferences and selections for bird seed/feeder types in parklike grassland setting in Midway, Kentucky.
  • Austin Mefford (Frankfort, KY), A habitat assessment and biological assessment of benthic macroinvertebrates in the Lee Branch on the Midway University Campus in Midway, Kentucky.
  • Kayla Daugherty (Union, KY), A cryogel-based cysteine capture resin.
  • Mariana Rodriguez (Pearland, TX), Using cryogels with immobilized pyoverdines to detect ferric iron in wastewater.
  • Ayah Shakir (Lexington, KY), Using an ATR-FTIR spectrometer to identity Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains.
  • Rebecca Cao (Lawrenceburg, KY), Jair Levya, Markia Hill (Lexington, KY), Sasha Powell, Reducing ventilator associated pneumonia risk in critically ill patients.
  • Megan Roberts (Lexington, KY), Terri Briemer (Lawrenceburg, KY), Elizabeth Brightwell (Lexington, KY), Madison Maxwell (Frankfort, KY), Brandi Barnes (Lexington, KY), How nurse burnout affects the care that patients receive.
  • Abigail Meredith (Shelbyville, KY), Casey Holbrook (Midway, KY), Erin Wilford (Lexington, KY), Angie Mondelli (Lexington, KY), Improving the quality of patient care through bedside report.
  • Stephanie Munoz (Georgetown, KY), Taylor Rust (Nicholasville, KY), Hannah Robinson (London, KY), Madison Rosenkrantz (Louisville, KY), Comparing nurse suicide rates before and after Covid-19.
  • Canaan Berg, Shelly Ulrich (Lexington, KY), Gentry Gash (Frankfort, KY), Will the implementation of self-care for nursing students decrease stress and anxiety experienced over the final year of an accelerated nursing program?
  • Jacob Kocis (Bluff Dale, TX), Luke Logan (Elizabethtown, KY), Bradley Blanchard (Lafayette, IN), Assessing Bikeability/Walkability Using Radar Data Analysis
  • Elliott Smith, Ally Bitgood, Midway Bikeability/Walkability Feasibility Study - A Community Survey Approach
  • Cassidy Schrecongost (New Kensington, PA), Ally Bitgood, Luke Logan (Elizabethtown, KY), Elliott Smith, KYMBA Bluegrass Trail Usage - Microelectric Tracking Complemented by Usership Surveys
  • Louisa Garcia (Radcliff, KY), Adam Milovanovic, Jacob Kocis (Bluff Dale, TX), The Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League Inaugural Race Season - An Economic Impact Consulting Study
  • Cassidy Schrecongost (New Kensington, PA), Jacob Kocis (Bluff Dale, TX), Noah Ray (Reardon, WA), Adapting a Pedagogical Framework - Community-focused Partnerships and Projects linked to Employability: A Student Perspective

Mariana Rodriguez took the top award for her presentation, and Cassidy Schrecongost, Ally Bitgood, Luke Logan, and Elliott Smith’s poster was awarded with the top prize.