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  • Degrees and Awards Presented at Annual Commencement Ceremony

May 18, 2022

At the May 14 Commencement Ceremony, Midway University conferred degrees on 83 graduate students and 246 undergraduate students who completed their coursework over the last academic year. This graduating class included individuals from 31 states and 7 countries. During the ceremony, two awards were presented by the University – the President’s Award and the Midway Woman Award.

Noah Ray (Reardan, Washington), President’s Award – The President’s Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a Midway University graduate. This award is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. The recipient of this award must have maintained at least a 3.75 grade point average.

Noah is a graduating sport management student with significant service to Midway University and the community. During his time at Midway University, he has been named to the Dean’s List every semester, graduating today with Summa Cum Laude honors and earning the Outstanding Sport Management Student Award. Outside of the classroom, Noah has been an outstanding student leader, having served in numerous student leadership roles and demonstrating a commitment to helping others. His service as a Peer Tutor, Resident Assistant, and Eagle Prep Leader also helped him earn the Midway University Eagle Leadership Award.

Madeline Sparks (Cynthiana, Kentucky), The Midway Woman Award – The Midway Woman Award is given to a graduating female undergraduate who demonstrates a profound sense of service to others and is a role model who exemplifies the core values of the University. Additionally, the recipient of the Midway Woman Award must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Madeline, who is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies with a concentration in equine health and rehabilitation, served as a resource for labs in the general first-year course, and as a tutor for any Equine class in need. Her excellence in the classroom, has qualified her for the Dean’s List every semester, and earned her the Outstanding Equine Rehabilitation Award at this year’s academic awards ceremony. Outside the classroom, she has received All-Academic Honors and was a regional qualifier while on the Midway Western Equestrian Team. She has a passion for spending time with youth in the community interested in horses and volunteering time to teach safe handling techniques.

The following is the list of graduates (with honors noted) below.

Editor’s Note: For your convenience, students are listed by degree, then alphabetically by state, then city, so you can easily find students from your area.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Darren Francisco Lujan, Jr. (Phoenix, Arizona)


Erin N. Wester (Prospect, Connecticut)


Evan Paul Sakamaki (Floyds Knobs, Indiana)


Joshua Thomas (Alvaton, Kentucky)
Kadee Ann Tilson (Bagdad, Kentucky)
Cameron Thomas Lynn (Benton, Kentucky)
Shelby McCord (Brooksville, Kentucky)
Ashleigh Fletcher (Corbin, Kentucky)
Dylan Wayne Simpson (Dawson Springs, Kentucky)
Cornelia Marie Burke (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Angela Collins (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Patricia K. Jones (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Conner R. Smith (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Alyssa Rose Tinker (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Mitzi Sanzel Allen (Glasgow, Kentucky)
Angel Nicole Brooks (Harlan, Kentucky)
Ashley Nicole Kelly (Hazard, Kentucky)
Elizabeth Jane Mason (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Alexandria Jean Belton (Lexington, Kentucky)
Jena S. Brown (Lexington, Kentucky)
Ryan Anthony Brown (Lexington, Kentucky)
Logan Allen Conn (Lexington, Kentucky)
Jenica Hall (Lexington, Kentucky)
Crissy Denise Howard (Lexington, Kentucky)
Joel Landolt (Lexington, Kentucky)
Courtney Nicole Lark (Lexington, Kentucky)
Samantha Reynolds (Lexington, Kentucky)
Marisa Dawn Zingg (Livermore, Kentucky)
Mary Bristanie Jean Daly (London, Kentucky)
Whitney Linn Anthony (Louisville, Kentucky)
Raekwon Lavelle Evans (Louisville, Kentucky)
Dylan Thomas Fox (Louisville, Kentucky)
Recardo Dale Travis, III (Louisville, Kentucky)
Kristi Reshelle Drury (Marion, Kentucky)
Lori Poe (Mount Sterling, Kentucky)
Misty Stevens (Mount Sterling, Kentucky)
Matthew Corey Plahuta (Mount Washington, Kentucky)
Kristin Nicole Day (Paris, Kentucky)
Emily Deanne Jackson (Richmond, Kentucky)
Danaria Leeshay Lewis (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
Jenna Paige Lewis (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
Renee Louise Motyka (Taylorsville, Kentucky)
Alisha Tilsley Franks (Worthington, Kentucky)


Forrest Anne Richards (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Lorin Chauvin (Mansura, Louisiana)


Kodi Kinder (Dearborn, Michigan)

New Jersey

Becky Sandra Addy (Maple Shade, New Jersey)
Madison Rose Chambers (Pennsville, New Jersey)

New York

Frank Lamont Allen (Brooklyn, New York)


Bradley Reeves (Allentown, Pennsylvania)


Elliott Smith (Shelbyville, Tennessee)


Ariana Johnson (Plano, Texas)
Brian Shultz (Plano, Texas)
Elizabeth Cordelia Hynum (Round Rock, Texas)


Zachary Nold (Deweyville, Utah)
Phoebe Ann Beacham (Draper, Utah)


Lindsey Young (Leesburg, Virginia)



Constance Crumlish (Newark, Delaware)


Rachael Carroll (Alexandria, Kentucky)
Morgan Ruth Hall (Beaver Dam, Kentucky)
Nicole Shivel (Catlettsburg, Kentucky)
Timothy Scott Daniels (Fort Wright, Kentucky)
Mary Elizabeth Mucci (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Jenna Lyon Ward (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Jordyn Rene Wiler (Grayson, Kentucky)
Bailey Vincent (Greenville, Kentucky)
Amie Huff (Hickman, Kentucky)
Rafael A. Mendoza (Lexington, Kentucky)
Adriana Vasquez Garzon (Lexington, Kentucky)
Jaclyn Carol Jewell (London, Kentucky)
Haley Egan (Morehead, Kentucky)
Ashleigh Nicole Casazza McCandless (New Castle, Kentucky)
Ashley Rose Gamble (Salyersville, Kentucky)
Samantha Leeann McDowell (Simpsonville, Kentucky)
Erin Leslie Mullins (Somerset, Kentucky)


Theresa Montgomery (Houston, Minnesota)

New Jersey

Christian Sbaraglia (Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey)

New York

Diane C. Sneddon (New Berlin, New York)


Whitney Hunter (Columbus, Ohio)


Angelene Gabriel (Lexington, Kentucky)
Kristen Hands (Lexington, Kentucky)
James Lewis Heinz, Jr. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Doaa Emad Hamdan (Richmond, Kentucky)



Asa Render, B.S. (Alabaster, Alabama)
Isaiah McDougal, B.S. (Madison, Alabama)


Alexis Brynn Campbell, B.S. (Mesa, Arizona)


Alysha Grace Tullar, B.A. (Cucamonga, California)
Courtney Kay Lozano, B.A. (Galt, California) Magna Cum Laude
Taryn Spore, B.S. (South Lake Tahoe, California)


MacKenzie Nicole Martin, B.A., B.S. (Leadville, Colorado) Summa Cum Laude


Kevin Marcell Almond, B.S. (Elberton, Georgia)
Brian Daniel Borrero, B.A. (Loganville, Georgia)


Cassandra Basler, B.S. (Glen Ellyn, Illinois)
Camberlei Lauff, B.S. (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)


Jacob A. Cash, B.S. (Georgetown, Indiana)
Morgan Faye Sharpensteen, B.S. (Nabb, Indiana)
Spencer Allen Kirchgessner, A.S. (Rockport, Indiana)


Saydee Lynn Terrell, B.S. (Chariton, Iowa)


Destiny Guffey, B.S. (Albany, Kentucky)
Hannah Elizabeth Welte, B.A. (Augusta, Kentucky)
Monita Allison Berry, B.S. (Bardstown, Kentucky)
Whitney Chad Sanders, B.A. (Bardstown, Kentucky)
Thomas Wathen Sidebottom, B.A. (Bardstown, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Emily Ann Colley, B.A. (Benton, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Sabrina Lee Hardy, A.S. (Berea, Kentucky)
Patty J. Johnson, B.S. (Berea, Kentucky)
Brittany Anne Adams, B.A. (Brodhead, Kentucky)
Sydnee R. Beard, B.A. (Campbellsville, Kentucky)
Trystan Matthew Amick, B.S. (Carrollton, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Mariah Rose, B.A. (Carrollton, Kentucky)
Hailey Stewart, B.S. (Carrollton, Kentucky)
Steven T. Greene, B.A. (Corinth, Kentucky)
Betty Arnolla White, B.S. (Corinth, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Diego Gutierro White, B.S. (Corinth, Kentucky)
Haley Nicole Young, B.S. (Corinth, Kentucky)
Lekenrick Tayshon Boyers, B.S. (Cynthiana, Kentucky)
Callie May, B.A. (Cynthiana, Kentucky)
Daelee Sebastien Sanders, B.S. (Cynthiana, Kentucky)
Madeline Lee Sparks, B.S. (Cynthiana, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Courtney Marrie Workman, A.S. (Cynthiana, Kentucky)
Kyle West, B.S. (Dry Ridge, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Shawnda Gail Weddle, B.A. (Eli, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Emily Katherine Chandler, B.S. (Elizabethtown, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Chris P. Grimes, B.S. (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)
Shannon Claire Brunette, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Nadya Clark, A.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Bethany Crockett, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Kristin Cummins, B.A. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Alexis Nicole Dempsey, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Amber Jane Gunnell, A.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Heath Gunnison, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Logan James Hanes, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Madison Brooke Maxwell, A.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Anthony Lee Page, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Michelle Lynn Phelps, A.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Brandon C. Pope, A.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Grayson Strasburger, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Kindall R. Talley, B.S. (Frankfort, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Misty Dawn Akers, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky) with Distinction
Ely Bonifant, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Hannah Chan, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Rachel Marie Cooper, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Houston Scott Deweese, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Alexis Hoffman, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Adam Christopher Honeycutt, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Jordan Ashley Hopkins, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Peyton Leigh Humphries, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Ariel Dawn Jones, A.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Shelly Marie Land, A.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Elizabeth Danielle Morgan, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Anna Stephanie Munoz, A.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky) with Honors
Taylor Madison Peace, A.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Derrick Robinson, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Jillian Brooke Saylor, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Shamara D. Washburn, B.A. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Madeline Marie Wasson, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Ariel Dawn Williams, B.S. (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Michelle Carroll-Cole, B.A. (Harlan, Kentucky)
Holly Sue Anderson (Harrodsburg, Kentucky)
Channing Whitehouse, B.S. (Harrodsburg, Kentucky)
Erin Michelle Gambill, B.S. (Hazard, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Danny Keith Sorrells, B.S. (Hazard, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Claire Dierolf, B.S. (Hebron, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Carson Rose Flynn, B.S. (Henderson, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Taylor Scott Daniel, B.S. (Hopkinsville, Kentucky)
James Mitchell Kreidenweis, B.A. (Independence, Kentucky)
Abigail Elizabeth Volz, B.S. (Independence, Kentucky)
Derek Wayne Goff, B.A. (Jackson, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Leah Marianna Shelley, B.S. (LaCenter, Kentucky)
Racheal Lynn Caudill, A.S. (LaGrange, Kentucky)
Kayla Marie Akins (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Terri Briemer, A.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Winter Blaise Bruggeworth, B.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Rebecca L. Cao, A.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Theo Courrejolles, B.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky) with Distinction
Casey Johns, B.A. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Caitlyn Marie Maddox, A.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky) with High Honors
Raven Celeste Maynard, A.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Ally Elizabeth Wells, A.S. (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
Ethan Spalding, B.S. (Lebanon, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Jacob D. Stinnett, B.S. (Leitchfield, Kentucky)
Bethany M. Arnold, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Mychelle Rene Banks, B.A. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Brandi Jermaine Barnes, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Canaan Gebrielle Berg, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Sunita Bohara, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Elizabeth Elaine Brightwell, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) with Honors
April Marie Cannon, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Bhawana Acharya Chalise (Lexington, Kentucky)
Kelly Lum Cho, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Carter Delk, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Quentina Edmonds, B.A. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Alexis Brooke Gallihugh, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Abigail Renee Henry, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Markia L. Hill, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Jerneice Holland, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Danielle M. Keith, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Srijana Marasini, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Angela J. Mondelli, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) with Honors
Lauren Moss, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Ashley Nicole Parman, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Lilly Sheridan Pendley, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Ian Pflueger, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Kelsie Poffenberger, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Sasha Powell, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Madison Victoria Raymer, B.A. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Shannon Reynolds, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Megan Roberts, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) with Honors
Madison Lee Rosenkrantz, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) with High Honors
Susana Ruvalcaba Chavez (Lexington, Kentucky)
Ayah Shakir, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Monica Lynn Simpson, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Carey Beth Smallwood, B.A. (Lexington, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Claire Louise Smith, B.A. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Cheriante Steele, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Ruby Louise Tevis, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Cortni A. Troublefield, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Sheldon Schwarz Ulrich, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Devin Walden, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Suzanne M. Walters, B.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
Erin Elizabeth Wilford, A.S. (Lexington, Kentucky)
William Justice Hatter (Liberty, Kentucky)
Christopher Knight, B.S. (Liberty, Kentucky)
Hannah Robinson, A.S. (London, Kentucky)
Mary Katherine Andres, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Bryce Thomas Brockman, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Andrenesia Flowers, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Brenna Lindsey, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Ann Marie Oakley, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Matthew H. Olson, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Micah D. Wilson, B.S. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Jared Stevens, B.A. (Lovely, Kentucky)
Brooke Holt, B.S. (Madisonville, Kentucky) with Distinction
Jayla Jones, B.S. (Manchester, Kentucky)
Robin Leslie Bailey, B.A. (Martin, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Summer Aliyah Conley, B.A. (Maysville, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Justin Wyatt Hall, B.S. (McKee, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Andrew Blaydes, B.S. (Midway, Kentucky)
Casey Layne Holbrook, A.S. (Midway, Kentucky)
Quentin D. Huff, B.A. (Milton, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Thomas G. Mitchell, Jr., B.A. (Mount Olivet, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Hannah Elizabeth Fugett, B.S. (Mount Sterling, Kentucky)
Shayla Hill, B.S. (Mount Sterling, Kentucky)
Alexandria Brock, B.A. (Mount Washington, Kentucky)
Cameron Elizabeth Brock, B.S. (Mount Washington, Kentucky)
Sierra Renee Graham, B.S. (Mount Washington, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Kristianna Michelle Apodaca-Bigstaff, A.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky)
Morgan Dawn Bartram, B.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky)
Makayla Dawn Denton, B.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky)
Kathryn D. Gamble, B.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky)
Tabitha Marcum, B.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Taylor Ranee Rust, A.S. (Nicholasville, Kentucky) with Honors
Daniel S. Caldwell, B.A., B.S. (Owensboro, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Cameron James Nichols, B.S. (Owensboro, Kentucky)
Emily Cammack, B.S. (Owenton, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Erin Baileigh Young, B.S. (Owenton, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Julietta Marie DeBord, B.A. (Paris, Kentucky)
Alexa Evans, A.S. (Paris, Kentucky)
Monzerrath Silva, A.S. (Paris, Kentucky)
Brandye Larryn-Lynn Smith, B.S. (Paris, Kentucky)
Madyson Clark Tipton, B.A. (Paris, Kentucky)
Haleigh Yazell, B.S. (Paris, Kentucky)
Angelica Sexton, B.A. (Pine Knot, Kentucky)
Jillian Faith Enix, B.S. (Pineville, Kentucky)
Robert Laythan Hopkins, B.A. (Pikeville, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Iain Duncan, B.S. (Pleasureville, Kentucky)
Lindsey Brooke Gilbert, A.S. (Richmond, Kentucky)
Brianna C. Godbey, A.S. (Richmond, Kentucky)
Rebecca Hopkins, A.S. (Richmond, Kentucky)
Brooke Ann Huguely, B.S. (Richmond, Kentucky)
Christina Nicole Moores, B.S. (Richmond, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Whitney Roy, B.S. (Russell Springs, Kentucky)
Megan Brooke Loveless, B.S. (Science Hill, Kentucky)
Lauren Gentry Gash, A.S. (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
Kelly Renee’ Hicks, B.S. (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
Abigail Gowin Meredith, A.S. (Shelbyville, Kentucky) with Honors
Sally Tipton, B.A. (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
Tiffany Diane Nethery, B.A. (Smithland, Kentucky)
Amy L. Hoard, B.S. (Somerset, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Ashlee Simpson, B.S. (Somerset, Kentucky)
Noel Hearn, A.S. (Stamping Ground, Kentucky)
Flora June Farler, B.S. (Tollesboro, Kentucky)
Ashley Coreen Huff, B.A. (Topmost, Kentucky)
Kayla Elizabeth Daugherty, B.S. (Union, Kentucky) Cum Laude
Sarah Patterson Encinas, B.A. (Versailles, Kentucky)
Audrey Gilbert, B.S. (Versailles, Kentucky) Magna Cum Laude
Jordan Lynch, B.A. (Versailles, Kentucky)
Meredith Paige Mohedano, B.S. (Versailles, Kentucky)
Sandy Pecina, B.A. (Versailles, Kentucky)
Christopher Hawkins, B.S. (Virgie, Kentucky)
Pamela Jane Baum, B.A. (Warsaw, Kentucky)
Braden Montgomery, B.S. (Williamstown, Kentucky)
Lauren Horton, A.S. (Winchester, Kentucky)
Chase Taylor, B.S. (Winchester, Kentucky) Summa Cum Laude
Jerry A. Ziegler, B.S. (Winchester, Kentucky)


Michaela Lavigne, B.S. (Covington, Louisiana)


Katharine Ellen Bush, B.S. (Columbia, Maryland)


Jilian Paige Verbrugghe, B.S. (Harrison Township, Michigan)
Katherine Paige Oswalt, B.S. (Plymouth, Michigan)
Emily Mae Lafountain, B.S. (Wyandotte, Michigan)


Alexander Thomas Albrecht Wasnick, B.S. (Plymouth, Minnesota)


Madison Marie Puryear, B.S. (Olive Branch, Mississippi)


Ryan Michael Meyers, B.S. (St. Louis, Missouri)


Brooke Elizabeth Piester, A.S. (Gothenburg, Nebraska)

New Hampshire

Elizabeth Anne Galletta, B.S. (Goffstown, New Hampshire) Summa Cum Laude

New York

Samantha Noelle Jennette, B.S. (Chazy, New York) Summa Cum Laude

North Carolina

Meghan Elise Parks, B.S. (Durham, North Carolina)
Ashlan Marion, B.S. (Mooresville, North Carolina) Cum Laude


Nathan Alan Sparren, B.S. (Bolivar, Ohio)
Ryan Keith Benge, B.A. (Columbus, Ohio)
Alexis Marie Arriaga-Smith, B.S. (Westerville, Ohio) Cum Laude

South Carolina

James M. Adkins, B.S. (Charleston, South Carolina)
Abigail Kathleen Landolfi, A.S. (Gaston, South Carolina)


Tatayana Outlaw, B.S. (Clarksville, Tennessee)
Dymond Semaj Smith, B.S. (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)
Madeline Olivia Segars, B.A. (White House, Tennessee)


Mariana Jade Rodriguez, B.S. (Houston, Texas) Cum Laude
Selena Vargas, B.S. (Rio Grande Valley, Texas)


Kelsey Nicole Howell, B.S. (New Castle, Virginia) Cum Laude


Noah James Ray, B.S. (Reardan, Washington) Summa Cum Laude

West Virginia

Kassidy Rae Evans, B.S. (Saint Marys, West Virginia)

Outside the U.S.

Parker Walker, B.S. (Minesing Ontario, Canada)
Domenica Areli Torres Reyes, B.S. (Quito, Ecuador)
Winta Zesu Woldegeorgis, B.A. (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) Magna Cum Laude
Jair Leyva-Hernandez, A.S. (Arriaga Chiapas, Mexico)
Fernando Salazar, B.S. (Toluca, Mexico)
Odalys Cedeño Gutierrez, B.A. (Darien, Panama)
Felicinda De Gouveia Goncalves, B.A. (Caracas, Venezuela)
Franzso Severre, B.S. (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)