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  • Midway University Once Again Lowers Tuition Rate

May 11, 2021

The Midway University Board of Trustees voted to lower its tuition rate for its Master of Business Administration program at its Spring board meeting. The rate will be lowered from $520 to $475 per credit hour—making it the most affordable MBA tuition in Central Kentucky.

“We realize that affordability can be a key factor to the decision-making progress for our students who are looking for a graduate program to further their education,” said Dr. Mark Gill, Dean, School of Business, Equine and Sport Studies. “Most of our students are working full-time and raising a family, so the two most important factors for them are the cost of the degree and the time to earn it. Earning their degree is part of their career growth plan and we want to be a partner in their success by keeping costs down and providing a format that allows them to earn a master’s in 1 year.”

The Midway University MBA program was already one of the most affordable programs, but this cut in tuition makes it even more accessible. The Midway MBA can be earned in just 1 year (30 credit hours) as students can take courses over 5 modules throughout the year. Students can also further specialize in one of 5 areas of concentration—Equine Management, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Sport Management and Tourism and Event Management.

“The Midway MBA allows our students to all take the same curriculum but then specialize in additional courses geared towards key industry segments that match well with the workforce segments throughout Kentucky and beyond,” said Gill.

Midway University is one of the most affordable private Universities in Kentucky. The traditional undergraduate tuition, room and board is the most affordable choice in Central Kentucky. Specialized online programs like the RN-BSN and MSN have tuition rates that are some of the lowest in Kentucky, if not the lowest. The Master of Education degree, priced at $250 per credit hour, is the lowest in Kentucky.

The new MBA tuition rate is for the 2021-22 academic year.