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  • Midway University Announces It Will Return to Regular Operations for Fall 2021

March 29, 2021

Midway University is planning for an exciting fall 2021 semester, the school announced today. The University is actively planning for a more typical year which means more activity and gatherings on campus.

Midway University students were on-campus and in the classroom during the entire 2020-21 academic year, but things were different – classroom capacity was decreased, occupancy in the residence halls was lowered, masks were required, on campus events had limited attendance or were held virtually, and physical distancing was required in common spaces throughout campus to adhere to safety protocols due to COVID-19.

“While we will follow all guidelines and protocols, as we have throughout the pandemic, our faculty, staff and students are looking forward to bringing back the attributes of a personalized learning environment,” said Dr. John P. Marsden, President, Midway University. “Whether it is a gathering to collaborate in the classroom, sitting together in the dining hall or attending a sporting event, our campus community craves that time together for those shared experiences that were dramatically impacted over this past year.”

While exact plans will continue to evolve over the next few weeks and months, students can expect to see more campus housing available, more classrooms getting back to typical seating and occupancy, as well as dining hall seating, spectators at sporting events and more in-person events throughout the year.

“I wish to commend our entire Midway University community for everyone’s help in combating the spread of COVID-19 by wearing their masks, social distancing and following all campus procedures,” said Marsden. “It has taken everyone’s dedication to keep our campus safe.”

Before the pandemic caused a disruption to operations, the University had just opened its Hunter Field House and the newly renovated Marrs Hall. “Although thankful that we had these new facilities and the extra space to use and spread out, there have been limitations and altered usages of those spaces during COVID-19,” said Marsden. “Marrs Hall, which is the Administration Building and home of the new Ann J. Bowling Welcome Center, had its lobby and large conference spaces converted into classrooms while the Hunter Field House had limited access due to required contact tracing and health protocols. We look forward to more regular usage and events in the Hunter Field House next year for our students.”

More information as it relates to safety protocols, classes and University housing will be shared with students throughout the summer months as they prepare to return to campus for the start of the fall semester on August 23.