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  • Midway University Receives $2 Million Gift

November 14, 2016

Funds set to enhance Residence Life and Athletic Facilities

Midway, Ky. – In a surprise announcement at its November Board of Trustees meeting, long-time trustee Jan Hunter announced her family’s intention to make a significant gift to the institution. Hunter pledged a gift of $2 million over the next two years and had this to say about the donation.

“I recently heard someone say that ‘the opportunity of a lifetime must be taken during the lifetime of the opportunity’ and that spoke to me. There are so many positive things happening at Midway and we need to invest in the institution and rally others to do the same to keep building on our current momentum.”

“This gift is coming at a great time, said Dr. John P. Marsden, President, Midway University. “The University has been given a unique opportunity to grow our undergraduate population now that we have transitioned to full co-education. This move, spurred along rapidly by the closing of St. Catharine College earlier this year, lead to a record incoming class for fall 2016 and has translated into explosive growth of our athletics program. If now isn’t the opportunity to invest in the institution and support it in this time of growth, then when will be the opportunity?”

Marsden added “our residence halls need some updates so we can remain competitive and we will need to begin looking at how we can grow our residential capacity. Additionally, we have gone from supporting 92 student-athletes in eight competitive sports to 260 student-athletes in 14 sports and have just announced three additional sports for the 2017-18 academic year – men’s tennis, men’s cross country and co-ed cheerleading.

“We plan to utilize this gift in the way that will touch the most students – improving their living space and enhancing our student center and athletic facilities,” said Marsden.

Hunter hopes that her gift will encourage others to think about investing in Midway University in a significant way over the next few years.

Specific plans on how the funds will be used will be developed by the University’s leadership team and the board over the next few months.