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  • Midway University Donates to Hurricane Recovery Efforts

September 15, 2017

(Midway, Ky.) – With many in Southeast Texas still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, Midway University partnered with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) to send much-needed supplies to help the region’s four-legged residents.

The institution’s equine department, led by Herd Manager and Trainer Heath Gunnison, provided a wide array of grooming, medical and bedding supplies. Donated items included curry combs, hoof picks, towels, gauze pads, stethoscopes, vet wrap and bagged shavings.

Midway’s donation, along with others from various local organizations, were shipped to Vinton, La., a distribution point for the Texas Equine Veterinary Association.

“It’s amazing just to see the people that are rescuing and going back when they’re told not to, but they do. They go back to take care of these animals,” Gunnison said. “It’s not just one or two horses and people affected; it’s hundreds, if not thousands.”

This is not the first time Midway University has stepped up to help horses and owners in need. In December 2016, the school, along with many of its students, faculty and community partners, provided medical supplies for horses that were affected by the wildfires in East Tennessee.

“One of Midway University’s core values is viewing oneself as part of the community. In this case, community happens to extend to Texas,” said Dr. John P. Marsden, President, Midway University. “The need in Harvey’s wake is so great but I’m proud that our institution is playing a role in the area’s recovery.”