Secondary Biology Education

Secondary Biology Education

Are you interested in becoming a biology teacher? If so, consider earning your B.A. in Secondary Biology Education from Midway University.

Only available through our on campus undergraduate program, this secondary education degree is designed to help you become a biology teacher who’s able to teach grades 8-12. As you move into your elective coursework, you will become well-versed in all elements of teaching high school biology. Upon completion of this secondary education teacher program, you will be ready to seek certification to be a teacher in Kentucky. Graduates wishing to seek certification in other states should contact that state’s teacher certification granting agency for information on specific requirements.

In addition to the requirements below, you must achieve each of the following:

  • Admission into the program-portfolio review
  • 200 hours of field placement
  • Multicultural field placement (6 diversity hours)
  • Acceptance for student teaching-portfolio review
  • Completion of personal portfolio
  • TB test
  • Liability insurance
  • PRAXIS scores as established by the Kentucky Department of Education

Once students have met admission requirements and are accepted into Midway University, they them will need to apply for acceptance into the Teacher Education program.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Course Requirements


Teacher Education Orientation must be attended prior to taking EDU 103, 108, 188, and 201.

EDU 103Introduction to Education3
EDU 108Introduction to Teacher Education Concentrations3
EDU 188Field Experience - Initial0
EDU 201Technology in the Educational Setting3
EDU 210Teaching and Learning I3
EDU 286Field Experience - Elementary0
EDU 287Field Experience - Mid School0
EDU 288Field Experience - High Sch0
EDU 314Multicultural Education3
EDU 315The Exceptional Child and Legal Aspects of Special Education3
EDU 332Educational Evaluation Techniques3
EDU 338Foundations of Literacy3
EDU 360Teaching and Learning II3
EDU 370Teaching Literacy to All Students across Grade Levels and Content Areas3
EDU 410Secondary Biology Teaching Methods3
EDU 498Student Teaching12
PSY 260Human Growth and Development3

Secondary Biology Requirements

BIO 103General Biology I3
BIO 104General Biology I Lab1
BIO 105General Biology II3
BIO 106General Biology II Lab1
BIO 204Medical Vocabulary2
BIO 225Microbiology3
BIO 226Microbiology Laboratory1
BIO 325Genetics and Molecular Biology3
BIO 401Ethical Issues in Science3

Choose Botany or Zoology plus corresponding lab

BIO 230Principles of Botany3
BIO 231Principles of Botany Lab1


BIO 304General Zoology3
BIO 306General Zoology Lab1

Supporting Courses

PSC 240Physics I4
PSC 241Physics Laboratory I1
CHM 170General Chemistry I4
CHM 171General Chemistry I Lab1
CHM 175General Chemistry II4
CHM 176General Chemistry II Lab1

Total Credit Hours


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