Seeking Advanced Degree?

Seeking Advanced Degree?

Our degree can prepare you for advanced graduate work in subfields of counseling, child development or educational psychology

Psychology involves the scientific study of individual behavior and mental processes. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree at Midway University is a generalist program emphasizing fundamental topics across the breadth of the psychology discipline.

Unique aspects of the psychology degree program include a one-semester practicum in a community agency and a capstone senior seminar in which students have the option to produce original research.

Graduates will be prepared for entry-level occupations in human services, including therapeutic, industrial, educational or governmental positions.

The B.A. in Psychology degree program can prepare you to pursue graduate study in certain specialized subfields, including counseling, child development or educational psychology.

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When you pursue a Psychology degree at Midway University, you will:
1. Develop a foundation of knowledge to support core studies in Psychology, including basic knowledge of research methods and statistics.
2. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the core areas of Psychology supporting the research areas of the EPPP, Kentucky State Board of Psychology, the Profiles of Undergraduate Programs in Psychology APA, 2005 industry norms of by four-year liberal arts colleges/universities.
3. Demonstrate knowledge in specific areas of interest outside of the Psychology core.
4. Explore the Psychology profession through capstone experience that integrates theory and practice, emphasizes leadership, and provides opportunities to evaluate future directions.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Course Requirements

PSY 180General Psychology3
PSY 260Human Growth and Development3
PSY 312Social Psychology3
PSY 315Physiological Psychology3
PSY 320Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 330Personality and Adjustment 3
PSY 337Counseling Theory & Techniques3
PSY 355Research Methods3
PSY 401History and Systems of Psychology 3
PSY 405The Psychology Profession3
PSY 410Community Service Practicum3
PSY 415Senior Project Demonstrating Excellence3
MTH 245Probability and Statistics (Prerequisite MTH 140)3

Choose two from among the following

PSY 265Multicultural Psychology3
PSY 301Patterns of Human Sexuality3
PSY 307Kinesic Interviewing3
PSY 321Psychology of Gender3
PSY 336Learning and Cognition3
PSY 350Forensic Psychology3



Total Credit Hours


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