Pre-Engineering  (2 + 3 program)

Pre-Engineering (2 + 3 program)

The Midway University Pre-Engineering program is a two-year curriculum that prepares students to attend the final three years of engineering programs at other institutions. The program has been carefully constructed to meet the requirements of the first two years of the engineering curriculum at the University of Kentucky and at the University of Louisville. After satisfactorily completing the two-year program at Midway University, students can apply to these institutions and others to complete the engineering degree.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Year 1 Fall Semester

ENG 101College Writing I3
MTH 220Calculus I4
CHM 170General Chemistry I4
CHM 171General Chemistry I Lab1
BIO 103General Biology I3
BIO 104General Biology I Lab1

Year 1 Spring Semester

ENG 102College Writing II3
MTH 222Calculus II 4
CHM 175General Chemistry II4
CHM 176General Chemistry II Lab1
BIO 105General Biology II3
BIO 106General Biology II Lab1

Year 2 Fall Semester

MTH 223Calculus III4
CHM 330Organic Chemistry I4
CHM 331Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
PSC 250Physics for Engineers I 4
PSC 251Physics for Engineers I Lab 1
CIS 235Application Software3

Year 2 Spring Semester

CHM 335Organic Chemistry II4
CHM 336Organic Chemistry II Lab1
PSC 252Physics for Engineers II 4
PSC 253Physics for Engineers II Lab 1
ECO 225Intro to Economics3
MTH 301Differential Equations3

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