Middle School Education- Math

Middle School Education- Math

Have you considered becoming a middle school math teacher?

Take a look at Midway University’s Middle School Math Education program.

Midway University was founded as a teacher school and has a long history of training great teachers in our teacher education program.

Midway’s middle school education program prepares teachers to teach in grades 5-9. When you graduate you will meet the middle school teaching requirements for certification in Kentucky. Students wishing to seek certification in other states should contact that state’s teacher certification granting agency for information on specific requirements.

Each middle school teaching student must have one area of academic emphasis. You may be able to meet the requirements for a minor while at the same time, meeting the requirements for an area of emphasis.

The program courses described below fulfill the Middle School Math emphasis. Other areas of emphasis in Middle School Education are English, science and social studies.

Once students have met admissions requirements and are accepted into Midway University, they then will need to apply for acceptance into the Teacher Education program.

If you plan to teach outside the U.S. or don’t need teaching certification you may consider our Education Studies degree.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Course Requirements


Teacher Education Orientation must be attended prior to taking EDU 103, 108, 188, and 201.

EDU 103Introduction to Education3
EDU 108Introduction to Teacher Education Concentrations3
EDU 188Field Experience - Initial0
EDU 201Technology in the Educational Setting3
EDU 210Teaching and Learning I3
EDU 286Field Experience - Elementary0
EDU 287Field Experience - Mid School0
EDU 288Field Experience - High Sch0
EDU 314Multicultural Education3
EDU 315The Exceptional Child and Legal Aspects of Special Education3
EDU 332Educational Evaluation Techniques3
EDU 338Foundations of Literacy3
EDU 360Teaching and Learning II3
EDU 370Teaching Literacy to All Students across Grade Levels and Content Areas3
EDU 425Mathematics Teaching Methods3
EDU 498Student Teaching12
PSY 260Human Growth and Development3

Middle School Math Requirements

MTH 140College Algebra3
MTH 143Trigonometry 1
MTH 145Finite Mathematics 3
EDU 202Mathematics for Teachers I3
MTH 220Calculus I4
MTH 222Calculus II 4
MTH 230College Geometry 3
MTH 245Probability and Statistics (Prerequisite MTH 140)3
EDU 302Mathematics for Teachers II3



Total Credit Hours


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