Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor

The minor in mathematics requires a minimum of 21 semester hours. At least 9 semester hours must be selected from courses numbered 300 or higher.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Total Hours to Earn Minor


Mathematics Minor Requirements

MTH 220Calculus I4
MTH 222Calculus II 4
MTH 223Calculus III4

Anythreeof the following

MTH 301Differential Equations3
MTH 305Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs3
MTH 310Linear Algebra3
MTH 315Mathematical Statistics I3
MTH 316Mathematical Statistics II3
MTH 320Discrete Math3
MTH 401Abstact Algebra I3
MTH 402Abstract Algebra II3
MTH 405Real Analysis I3
MTH 406Real Analysis II3
MTH 408Number Theory3
MTH 498Senior Seminar3

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