Equine Studies Minor

Equine Studies Minor

The Equine Studies minor is designed for students who are majoring in Biology and are interested in applying to post-graduate programs in Animal/Equine Science or Veterinary School. It will also provide students with the knowledge needed to obtain a position in an equine-related field that requires a degree or special training in another field of study.

Students may not receive a bachelor’s in equine studies and a minor in equine studies. This degree emphasizes the science-oriented courses within the equine program.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Total Hours for Minor


Minor Course Requirements

EQS 109Equine Farm Operations I4
EQS 111Equine Farm Operations II4
EQS 165Introduction to the Equine Industry3
EQS 215Equine Anatomy and Physiology3
EQS 216Equine Anatomy and Physiology Lab1

Choose one of the following courses

EQS 251Feeds, Feeding & Forages3
EQS 307Equine Reproductive Management3
EQS 318Equine Behavior3
EQS 325Comparative Anatomy and Physiology3
EQS 327Pasture Management3
EQS 351Animal Nutrition3
EQS 356Exercise Physiology3
EQS 435Nutrition and Pharmacology3

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