Equine Studies – Equine Management

Equine Studies – Equine Management

Midway University’s Equine Studies-Equine Management concentration is designed to develop strong farm operation and facilities management skills. Students will take the core equine studies courses for the major but then select Equine Management as their area of concentration and complete 20 credit hours of course work.

Topics within this major include equine farm operations management, equine reproductive and pasture management, as well as facilities design and management. This area of concentration is a good choice for students who wish to lead their own farm operation or become a manager within the industry. Other areas of concentration within the major include equine rehabilitation or science. Students interested in equine careers can also choose a business or sport management minor as enhancements to their major.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Course Requirements

EQS 109Equine Farm Operations I4
EQS 111Equine Farm Operations II4
EQS 165Introduction to the Equine Industry3
EQS 214Equine Healthcare Management3
EQS 215Equine Anatomy and Physiology3
EQS 216Equine Anatomy and Physiology Lab1
EQS 251Feeds, Feeding & Forages3
EQS 314Writing in Equine Studies3
EQS 318Equine Behavior3
EQS 395Equine Internship3
EQS 411Animal Ethics, Welfare, Rights and Law3
EQS 492Equine Capstone3
EQS 495Equine Senior Seminar1

Concentration in Equine Management Requirements

EQS 209Equine Farm Operations Mgt 14
EQS 111Equine Farm Operations II4
EQS 307Equine Reproductive Management3
EQS 327Pasture Management3
EQS 337Equine Facilities Management3
EQS 412Equine Facility Design3



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