English Minor

English Minor

A minor in English requires 18 semester hours chosen from the list below. You must complete Introduction to Literature (ENG 210) before enrolling in any of the minor courses.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Minor Course Requirements

ENG 210Introduction to Literature3

Choose 15 credits from among the following

ENG 215Introduction to Literary Criticism3
ENG 211Introduction to Journalism3
ENG 220Creative Writing3
ENG 280*Theatre Practicum3-6
ENG 300Linguistics and History English Language3
ENG 305Studies in World Literature3
ENG 312Professional Writing3
ENG 313American Literature Survey I3
ENG 315American Literature Survey II3
ENG 327British Literature Survey I 3
ENG 328British Literature Survey II3
ENG 390*Special Topics in Literature3-6
ENG 410*Topics in Writing3
ENG 405Shakespeare3

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