Pre-Professional Prep

Pre-Professional Prep

Consider majoring in English and continuing on to Law School

Program Overview

A Bachelor of Arts in English from Midway University will leave you prepared for your next step, whether it’s further study or entry into the working world.

At Midway, your English major courses will focus on critical thinking and responding to diverse readings. This major provides a solid framework in British, American and world literature essential for graduate study. Our faculty is dedicated to your education and success and will help you create a program that meets your specific needs.

When you take your degree to work, your employer will know that you are prepared to make inferences, draw conclusions and anticipate consequences for the future. Career options for English graduates include law, editing, research, education, training, journalism and publishing.

Students should consider the Bachelor of Arts in English major if you are interested in continuing on to law school or other graduate school program.

Students interested in our English major can complete this program as part of our Traditional Day program or online.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Course Requirements

ENG 210Introduction to Literature3
ENG 215Introduction to Literary Criticism3
ENG 220Creative Writing3
ENG 300Linguistics and History English Language3
ENG 305Studies in World Literature3
ENG 313American Literature Survey I3
ENG 315American Literature Survey II3
ENG 327British Literature Survey I 3
ENG 328British Literature Survey II3
ENG 390*Special Topics in Literature3-6
ENG 405Shakespeare3
ENG 498Senior Seminar3

English Electives (15 hours must be taken from the following)

ENG 211Introduction to Journalism3
ENG 280*Theatre Practicum3-6
ENG 312Professional Writing3
ENG 341Adolescent Literature 3
ENG 390*Special Topics in Literature3-6
ENG 410*Topics in Writing3
ENG 420Internships for English Majors3



Total Credit Hours


*Additional sections of Special Topics in Literature ENG 390 may be taken for more than the required 6 hours; additional sections of Topics in Writing ENG 410 may also be taken for more than 3 hours. ENG 281 Theatre Practicum may be taken for 1 hour each semester throughout one's enrollment at Midway.)

Students who are interested in more of a writing focus are encouraged to take ENG 213, ENG 312, and ENG 410 as electives. ENG 410 may be repeated under different topics.

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