Biology Minor

Biology Minor

The minor in biology requires a minimum of 18 semester hours selected from courses with the prefix BIO. At least 10 hours must be selected from courses numbered 300 or higher.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Minor Course Requirements

BIO 105General Biology II3
BIO 106General Biology II Lab1
BIO 325Genetics and Molecular Biology3
BIO 328Genetics and Molecular Biology Lab1

Choose additional hours from among the following

BIO 198Anatomy & Physiology II3
BIO 199Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
BIO 204Medical Vocabulary2
BIO 225Microbiology3
BIO 226Microbiology Laboratory1
BIO 230Principles of Botany3
BIO 231Principles of Botany Lab1
BIO 304General Zoology3
BIO 306General Zoology Lab1
BIO 305Global Ecology3
BIO 310Topics in Biology3
BIO 241Cell Biology3
BIO 312General Ecology3
BIO 313Gen Ecology Lab1
BIO 314Vertebrate Zoology3
BIO 315Vertebrate Zoology Lab1
BIO 318Vertebrate Embryology3
BIO 319Vertebrate Embryology Lab1
BIO 320Histology2
BIO 321Histology Lab1
BIO 326Immunology3
BIO 327Immunology Lab1
CHM 420Biochemistry3
BIO 421Biochemistry Lab1

Total for Minor


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