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Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) Data Dashboard

The Report Card found here reflects the quality of teacher and administrator preparation programs throughout the Commonwealth as demonstrated via indicators deemed important by the Governor, the General Assembly, the Kentucky Board of Education, higher education, teachers and administrators, parents, the EPSB, and the public-at-large. Here one can access the KEPP Report Card for Midway University. The information contained in the EPSB Data Dashboard is a work in progress.

If the reports do not go directly to the Midway University data, the drop-down menu for a list of institutions is located in the top right corner of the page. Please note: The Data Dashboard should be viewed in the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. Many of the reports will not display correctly in Internet Explorer.

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View GPA & Praxis Results by Year

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

Praxis II Test Reports

View Praxis II Results by Year

Title II Program Completers

View Title II Program Completers Assessments Pass Rates

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Employment Statistics

View Map of K-12 Employment of Midway Completers

View Graduate Employment Percentage

View Completers District of Employment (as of Fall 2018)

KCEWS Completer Statistics

Teacher Feedback Report

This report includes recent teacher candidates, initial cert program numbers, candidate progression thru program, completer 1 year out from program completion, location of employment, and employment and retention data.

View Teacher Feedback Report

Postsecondary Feedback Report

This report includes employment outcomes and completion and transfers data.

View Postsecondary Feedback Report

These reports do not go directly to the Midway University data. The drop-down menu for a list of institutions is located toward the top of the page.

Kentucky New Teacher Survey Results

View 2017-2018 Survey Data

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View Fall ’15 and Spring ’16 Results

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