Psychology – Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Psychology – Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Job Growth Area

Job Growth Area

States are seeing an increased demand for Alcohol and Drug Counslors

Expert Faculty

Expert Faculty

Our program faculty are doctoral-level clinicians

Want a rewarding career to help others in need?

Looking for a career in counseling?

Then consider Midway University’s program in Psychology with an Alcohol and Drug Counseling concentration.

The Bachelor in Psychology with an Alcohol and Drug Counseling concentration will provide training in the special skills and techniques required in the profession of addiction counseling. Courses in the program will cover the 12 core functions (screening, intake, orientation, assessment, treatment planning, counseling, case management, crisis intervention, client education, referral, reports and record keeping, consultation) of addiction counseling. In addition to these core functions, courses will also provide training on confidentiality, ethics, and practice in the form of in-class case presentations, in-class demonstration of individual and group therapy techniques, and supervised practicum experiences with licensed community mental health providers. Courses will be taught during the evenings and Saturdays.

Practicum placements, work contracts, and work with a community mental health provider must have faculty approval. The concentration in Alcohol and Drug Counseling will take the place of a minor for students enrolled in the BA degree program in Psychology. The goal of this program is to assist the student in acquiring necessary training and hours towards the required amount of practice experience needed for certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of Kentucky. Additional hours may be required beyond what is offered through the program and will be the student’s responsibility. For students who already have a bachelors degree, the program can serve as a standalone certification opportunity in preparation for certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. During the last two semesters in this program, students may have to complete full-time practicum placements that will require approved supervision by a licensed mental health provider.

The Alcohol and Drug Counseling concentration courses are offered on Saturdays at our Lexington location. Other degree courses for the BA in Psychology can be completed online. Ask our Admissions Counselors about the schedule and for more details of this program.

Why Midway University?

  • Faculty – Our program faculty are doctoral-level clinicians
  • Flexibility – Our program is offered as a standalone group of classes that fulfill the state educational requirements, which are part of certification standards.
  • Convenience – Saturday classes are designed for those already working in the field who wish to seek certification. All other psychology major courses can be completed 100% online.
  • Opportunities – In recent years the state of Kentucky (and others) has seen an increased demand for patient services in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling.
    Time to Degree – The Alcohol and Drug Counseling concentration requirements can be completed in 24 months.
  • Personal Attention – Midway provides a high level of service to our students.
  • Affordable – We offer competitive tuition rates and several payment options.
  • Responsive – Faculty support students and are responsive to their individualized needs.

  • Important Information

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    Application Process (Evening & Online Students)
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Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

General Education Requirements


Major Courses

PSY 180General Psychology3
PSY 260Human Growth and Development3
CRJ 312Social Psychology3
PSY 315Physiological Psychology3
PSY 320Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 330Personality and Adjustment 3
PSY 337Counseling Theory & Techniques3
PSY 355Research Methods3
PSY 401History and Systems of Psychology 3
PSY 405The Psychology Profession3
PSY 410Community Service Practicum3
PSY 415Senior Project Demonstrating Excellence3
MTH 245Probability and Statistics (Prerequisite MTH 140)3

Choose two from the following

PSY 265Multicultural Psychology3
PSY 301Patterns of Human Sexuality3
PSY 307Kinesic Interviewing3
PSY 321Psychology of Gender3
PSY 336Learning and Cognition3
PSY 350Forensic Psychology3

Concentration in Alcohol & Drug Counseling Courses

PSY 270A D C Counseling Techniques3
PSY 280Case Management3
PSY 360Psychopharmacology3
PSY 362Individual and Group Therapy3
PSY 364Diagnosis and Assessment3
PSY 370Beginning Practicum in ADC3
PSY 470Advanced Practicum in ADC3



Total Credit Hours