MBA – Concentration in Equine Management

MBA – Concentration in Equine Management

15 months

15 months

Time to earn Equine MBA

100% Online

100% Online

All classes for this major are offered online

Working in the equine industry and looking to take your career to the next level?

Already in business but want to break into the exciting and fast-paced horse industry sector?

Consider Midway University’s Master of Business Administration Concentration in Equine Management. This degree program combines elements of Midway’s strong business and equine studies program.

MBA – Concentration in Equine Management Overview

All Midway Equine MBA degree candidates share a common core of course work in management, marketing, promotion, economics, research methods, equine entrepreneurship, legal issues, risk management and equine ethics. In addition, each student will complete an extensive individualized capstone course thus permitting each student the opportunity to explore their personalized interests. Whether you are already working in the equine industry or want to gain specialized knowledge to get into the industry this is a great specialization choice.

Midway is the place between dreaming about your future and making it a reality.

Why Choose Midway’s MBA – Equine Management?

  • Expertise – Midway is a leader in equine education. This degree combines our strengths in business and equine studies.
  • Convenience – All courses for this program are offered online and students can earn their degree 100% online
  • Time to Degree – 15 months
  • Personal Attention – Midway provides a high level of service to our students
  • Affordable – we offer competitive tuition rates and several payment options
  • Responsive – Faculty support students in the online learning environment and are responsive to their individualized needs
Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Major Course Requirements

BUSM 540Organizational Behavior3
BUSM 560Financial Management3
BUSM 570Economic Analysis for Business Decision-Making3
BUSM 600Strategic Marketing Management3
BUSM 620Global Business3
BUSM 660Strategic Management3

Concentration Requirements

EQS 602Equine Entrepreneurship3
EQS 612Legal Issues and Risk Management in the Equine Industry3
EQS 622Ethics and the Equine Industry3
EQS 632Marketing and Promotion3
EQS 642Equine Studies Capstone6

Total - MBA with Concentration in Equine Management


*BUSM 501 is an additional course for students without undergraduate business background.

BUSM 501Foundational of Graduate Business3

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