MBA 4+1 Program

MBA 4+1 Program

It just got easier, quicker, and more affordable to earn your MBA at Midway University.

Undergraduate students now can complete 2 MBA courses as an undergraduate that counts for both their undergraduate degree credit hours and applies to the credit hours needed for their graduate degree. By enrolling in the MBA 4+1 program, this allows students to earn their bachelors degree and an MBA in just five years of continuous study. This is a cost savings of more than $3,000.

How the Program Works

Undergraduate students admitted to this program will be permitted to take two cross-listed MBA courses, BUSM 520U- Leadership and Decision Making and BUSM 540U- Organizational Behavior, their senior year. Students in these courses take the same class as MBA students and are in the courses with MBA students. The courses will count towards their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Program Admission Requirements

Students must apply to the 4+1 program and be accepted during the spring term of their junior year. To be eligible, they must have:

  • 90 hours of undergraduate coursework completed
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA

After earning their bachelor’s degree, students in the 4+1 program then officially apply to the MBA program. Students can choose to earn a general MBA or specialize in one of 5 concentration areas including Equine Management, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Sport Management, or Tourism and Event Management. By completing the 2 courses as an undergraduate, the student can complete any of the MBA programs within a 12-month period.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to talk with their advisors early in their academic curriculum planning process so they can schedule these courses.

MBA 4+1 Application

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