#GiveMidwayU Champion Toolkit

#GiveMidwayU Champion Toolkit

Thursday, September 16, 2021 is the day for the #GiveMidwayU, Midway University’s 24-hour giving campaign!

As a Champion, you will be key to our success and act as peer-to-peer influencers through personal and professional networks, relationships, and social media platforms.

Please review the information below with graphics, suggested messaging, and easy steps you can take to maximize our efforts.

Make Your Gift

THANK YOU for your continued support of Midway University! Your first or additional donation of any size on September 16 will impact our students in so many positive ways.


Spread the Word

  • Change your profile picture and cover photos to one of our images
  • Post a photo or video (from your phone) about why you love and give back to MidwayU
  • Text, email or message friends, family and colleagues
  • Use our suggested posts with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Share our videos, images, and posts with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Make sure to follow Midway University on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Follow Midway University Alumni on Facebook

#GiveMidwayU Champion Timeline

September 9
  • Refamiliarize yourself with the Champion Toolkit
  • Announce #GiveMidwayU is coming on 9/16/21
    • Share the logo on social media, share messages, and tag your Midway U friends and former classmates
September 15
  • Change your Facebook/Twitter profile to a #GiveMidwayU image
  • Use a pre-event message or your own message to create a post letting your followers know about #GiveMidwayU and how they can help
  • Share and mark that you are attending the official #GiveMidwayU event from the Midway University Facebook page.
September 16 - #GiveMidwayU Day
  • Make a gift and use #GiveMidwayU to brag about it!
    • If your friends and family know that you gave, they will be encouraged to give.
  • Use day-of messages or your own messages to post throughout the day and remember to use #GiveMidwayU
  • Share Midway University’s social media posts and tweets.
    • Tag your friends and encourage them to make a gift on 9.16.21.
  • Use a day-of message or your own message to text and email the giving link to your friends, family, colleagues, and former classmates
  • Did someone you know tell you they gave? Thank them!
September 17

Use a post-event message or your own message to thank your followers for participating—remember to use #GiveMidwayU

#GiveMidwayU Social Media Images

#GiveMidwayU Sample Messaging

Pre-event Message Ideas: Before #GiveMidwayU (use any day before September 16)


  • On September 16, members of the Midway University community will join together for a day of giving back. #GiveMidwayU, a 24-hour giving day, is a chance for Eagles everywhere to come together to support scholarships for MidwayU students. Together we can make a difference. Mark your calendar and make your gift on 9.16.21 at www.midway.edu/givemidway
  • 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. One day to make a big impact. Save the date for Thursday, September 16 when Midway University community comes together for one day of giving. #GiveMidwayU
  • Save the date! Midway U’s 24-hour day of giving is Thursday, September 16. #GiveMidwayU
  • MidwayU changed my life and on 9.16.21. I am going to change the lives of current and future students. #GiveMidwayU
  • What is #GiveMidwayU? It’s a chance to support scholarships for the nearly 97% of Midway undergrad students who receive financial aid. MidwayU remains committed to helping all students. Join me on 9.16.21.


  • #GiveMidwayU, Midway University’s 24-hour day of giving, is September 16. We can make a difference in @MidwayUniv students’ lives. Will you join me in making a gift?
  • Save the date! #GiveMidwayU is Thursday, Sept. 16 and @MidwayUniv wants to make sure every student gets the financial support they deserve.
  • Let the countdown begin…Midway U’s day of giving, #GiveMidwayU, is almost here. Join me on 9.16.21.
  • #GiveMidwayU is a day to give back to @MidwayUniv. Your gift can help provide the MidwayU experience. It’s coming 9.16.21.


Champion recruitment
Friends, colleagues, former classmates who might want to be a Champion for Midway
I volunteered to be a #GiveMidwayU Champion for Midway University’s 24-hour day of giving on September 16, 2021. We are helping to raise money for student scholarships and need your help. Will you join me in being a Champion for Midway? It’s easy. MidwayU will send the tools and sample messaging, which means all we must do is spread the word, make any size gift on 9.16.21 and encourage others to give.

If you are interested, sign up and together, we can make a difference at MidwayU!

Day of Message Ideas: On #GiveMidwayU (use on September 16)


Tag your friends to increase your reach.

  • MidwayU is important to me because _____. Join me in helping current and future Midway students by giving at www.midway.edu/givemidway
  • I gave – will you? Be a part of #GiveMidwayU today! Make a gift to benefit student scholarships at Midway University. It’s easy to give at www.midway.edu/givemidway
  • I gave, will you? Today’s the day to help provide the MidwayU experience. Join me in supporting scholarships for current and future Midway students at www.midway.edu/givemidway #GiveMidwayU
  • Financial aid made my education possible. I made a donation at www.midway.edu/givemidway to give other MidwayU students the same opportunity I had. #GiveMidwayU
  • I am helping Midway University provide scholarships for students during #GiveMidwayU. Join me in helping reach the goal by midnight tonight at www.midway.edu/givemidway
  • Tick tock goes the clock on Marrs Hall. Give today at www.midway.edu/givemidway to support student scholarships at Midway University. #GiveMidwayU
  • Video yourself saying what MidwayU meant to you and ask your followers to give. #GiveMidwayU


  • Today’s the day! Join me in supporting @MidwayUniv students at www.midway.edu/givemidway #GiveMidwayU
  • I made a gift to @MidwayUniv to be a part of #GiveMidwayU. Did you? Your help can change the life of a student at www.midway.edu/givemidway
  • @MidwayUniv students are counting on you – will you give back today? Go to www.midway.edu/givemidway to make a difference. #GiveMidwayU
  • Can we get more people to participate in #GiveMidwayU? Of course we can! I am participating in @MidwayUniv day of giving and you can too. Go to www.midway.edu/givemidway to give today.
  • 24 hours to make a gift. Come on, I did it and so can you! Support @MidwayUniv student scholarships. Visit www.midway.edu/givemidway to be part of #GiveMidwayU today.
  • Tick tock goes the clock on Marrs Hall. Only ## hours left to show your support for students at @MidwayUniv on #GiveMidwayU giving day. Visit www.midway.edu/givemidway now.


Join me in giving to Midway U
Friends, colleagues, former classmates, family
Will you join me in making a donation to support Midway University student scholarships? MidwayU means so much to me and I made my gift earlier today. Our 2021 goal is $30,000 in 24 hours – all today, September 16.

Did you know that 97% of MidwayU undergraduates receive financial aid? The average student at Midway pays less than half the cost of tuition! I want to help Midway continue to provide access to a college education so students from all backgrounds will receive an education that leads to rewarding careers and responsible citizenship.

Giving is easy. Go to www.midway.edu/givemidway to give today.

Thank you!

Post-event Messages: After #GiveMidwayU (use on September 17)

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

  • Thanks to everyone who made MidwayU’s first-ever giving day a success.
  • Thank you to everyone who made #GiveMidwayU a success. We made a difference in the lives of Midway University students.
  • It’s time to celebrate! Thank you to those who supported student scholarships during #GiveMidwayU! We gave back and everybody won!


Thank you
Friends, colleagues, former classmates, family that you know gave because you asked
Thank you for answering the call yesterday and supporting student scholarships at Midway University. You know how much MidwayU means to me and I appreciate your support.

Thank you for making a difference.


What is #GiveMidwayU?

#GiveMidwayU is a 24-hour fundraising event that rallies alumni, students, faculty, staff, family, and friends of Midway University to come together and donate to support student scholarships. This is an annual giving day for Midway University and will take place on Thursday, September 16, 2021, as part of Homecoming and Family Weekend festivities.

Why raise money for scholarships for Midway University students?
  • 97% of Midway U undergraduates receive financial aid or scholarships.
  • The average student at Midway pays less than half the cost of tuition.
  • In keeping with our mission, Midway University invested more than $7.7 million in financial aid for our students in FY21.
  • Recent data shows that two of every five students (40%) are first-generation college students at Midway.
  • Midway University remains committed to our values, traditions, and mission to provide students from all backgrounds with an education that leads to rewarding careers and responsible citizenship.
  • Improving access to college is critical to the success of all of Kentucky. States with college graduation rates above the national average have higher per capita incomes and generally better health statistics and outcomes.
Can I make a gift once #GiveMidwayU is over?

Yes. After September 16, 2021, you can still give to Midway University

  • Online
  • By Mail - Midway University | 512 E Stephens St | Midway, KY 40347
  • By Phone - Shannon Ireland at 859.846.5873

Your gift won’t count towards the #GiveMidwayU totals but it will make a difference in the lives of Midway students. Thank you for your support.

Can I give my #GiveMidwayU gift to a particular college, group or athletic team on campus?

#GiveMidwayU benefits student-athletes, nursing students, teacher ed majors, equine – you name it! The money raised for scholarships during #GiveMidwayU reaches far and wide across campus.

Is my gift 100% tax-deductible?

Yes. Gifts to Midway University are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Can I make a gift of stock?

Yes. Contact Tim Culver at tculver@midway.edu or 859.846.5300.