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  • Planned Giving | Estate Gifts

You can make a gift to Midway University that will ensure that there will continue to be life changing education for generations of students yet to come.

What is Planned Giving?

  • Planned giving is a voluntary gift …
  • Of any kind (assets) …
  • In any amount …
  • Given for any purpose …
  • Either current or deferred …
  • With the help of others (professional advisor, spouse, children, etc.) … to complete the gift.

About 80% of planned giving donors have been annual givers supporting Midway University’s mission.

A good way to eliminate/minimize taxes is through planned giving.

Assets to consider:

Life Insurance
Midway University may be named as a beneficiary of a policy or part of a policy at any time.

Midway University must be irrevocably named beneficiary and assigned ownership of the policy to qualify the donor for an income tax deduction.

Retirement Plans/IRAs
Midway University can be named as a beneficiary at the time of death.

Appreciated Securities
Even in today’s market, you can use this asset to make a gift and avoid capital gains if you have a low cost basis.

Planned Giving Options

Wills and Bequests

A last will and testament is a legal document whereby an individual who owns property of any sort exercises his or her right to determine the ultimate disposition of that property.

A bequest is a specific provision whereby Midway University is designated to receive the property that the person making the will transfers at death

The bequest program is the foundation of a good planned giving program. Anyone can have a will written; it is one of the simplest, cleanest, easiest forms of a planned giving instrument.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Your gift is invested to produce income for you for life, with the remainder given to Midway University upon your death.

Bargain Sale
A donor makes a gift by selling an asset to Midway University for a price less than its fair market value.

Legal Language
The following is suggested language to consider when making a bequest in your will to Midway University:


I, (your full name), of (city, state) bequeath to Midway University, located in Midway, Kentucky, the sum of $________________ for the following purpose: (general endowment or specific scholarship).


I, (your full name), of (city, state) bequeath all the rest of my estate (or percent of the remainder of my estate ______%) to Midway University for the following purpose: (general endowment or specific scholarship).

  • For more information, please contact Tim Culver by email at by phone at 859.846.5300.

Those who include Midway University in their estate plans are considered members of the 1847 Society, as a way of recognizing their thoughtful generosity and support.