Course Rotations

The table below reflects the current list of Midway University courses and their rotation to assist students with planning. This information is subject to change and students should always consult with their advisor or the Registrar’s Office to verify a course schedule.

Here is an example of a Rotation listing –

WC Spr ON-1,4 LX-2,5
This course is offered in the Spring semester on campus (Midway) and online during Modules 1 and 4 and Lexington (evening) during Modules 2 and 5.  

Chart Abbreviations  (Due to system character limits we must abbreviate some of our codes.)
WC/Campus – Woodford campus (Midway)
LX – Lexington
Fall/Fa – Fall semester only
Spr/Sp – Spring semester only
F/S – Offered fall and spring
Module/Mod – Module
ON/ONL – Online
SCD – Evening Classes
1-5 – There are 5 modules throughout the year, this notes in which module(s) that course will be offered. Refer to the Academic Schedule for the module schedule.
Odd/Even – refers to classes that are offered on the odd or even number years
As Needed – this course is placed on the schedule when there are enrollments that require this course to complete their degree program

Current Midway University students can access our Student Planning system ( to assist with academic planning activities such as searching for courses, planning terms, as well as scheduling and registering for course sections.

Course Course Title Course Rotation
ACC210Prin Accounting IWC Fall ON-1,5 LX-1
ACC215Principles of Accounting IIWC Spr, On-2,5 Lx-2
ACC370Int Accounting IAs Needed
ACC371Int Accounting IIAs Needed
ACC380Cost Accounting IAs Needed
ACC408Federal Tax IAs Needed
ACC409Federal Tax IIAs Needed
ACC425Auditing: Theory & Practice IAs Needed
ACC435Advanced AccountingAs Needed
ACC444Accounting Information SystemsAs Needed
ACC602Financial ReportingAs Needed
ACC612Managerial ReportingAs Needed
ACC622Audit Theory - Adv TopicsAs Needed
ACC632TaxationAs Needed
ACC642Accounting CapstoneAs Needed
AFS111Aerospace Studies IAs Needed
AFS112Leadership LaboratoryAs Needed
AMS101Intro to the ArmyAs Needed
AMS102Intro to LeadershipAs Needed
AMS211Advanced Leadership IAs Needed
AMS250Basic Military Science LabAs Needed
AMS301Leadership/Management IAs Needed
AMS320Adv Stud American Military HisAs Needed
AMS350Military Science LaboratoryAs Needed
ART101Art Appreciation & ExperienceWC - Fall ONL-Mod 3
ART107PaintingWC - Spring Even Yrs
ART202Photoshop IWC - Fall Online - Module 1
ART205DrawingWC - Fall Even Yrs
ART302Photoshop IIWC - Spring ONL- Mod 2
BIO103General Biology IWC - Fall
BIO104General Biology I LaboratoryWC - Fall
BIO105General Biology IIWC - Spring
BIO106General Biology II LaboratoryWC - Spring
BIO155Exploring Life's DiversityWC-Fa/Sp ONL-Mod 1,3
BIO156Exploring Life's Diversity LabWC Fall/Spring
BIO190Anatomy and Physiology IWC-Fa, Campus SCD 1-2, 5
BIO191Anatomy and Physiology I LaboratoryWC-Fa, Campus SCD 1-2, 5
BIO198Anatomy and Physiology IIWC-Spr Evening-Spr
BIO199Anatomy and Physiology II LaboratoryWC-Spr Evening-Spr
BIO201Principles of Environmental ScienceOnline Modules 1 and 3
BIO202Principles of Environmental Science LabOnline Modules 2 and 4
BIO204Medical VocabularyOnline - Module 1
BIO225MicrobiologyWC-Fa, Campus SCD 1-2, 5
BIO226Microbiology LaboratoryWC-Fa, Campus SCD 1-2, 5
BIO230Principles of BotanyWC - Fall Even Yrs
BIO231Principles of Botany LaboratoryWC - Fall Even Yrs
BIO241Cell BiologyWC - Fall
BIO304General ZoologyWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO305Global EcologyWC - Fall ONL- Mod 4
BIO306General Zoology LaboratoryWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO308Environmental ScienceWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO309Environmental Science LaboratoryýEnvironmental Science LabWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO310Topics in BiologyAs Needed
BIO312General EcologyWC - Fall Odd Years
BIO313Gen Ecology LabWC - Fall Odd Years
BIO314Vertebrate ZoologyWC - Fall Even Yrs
BIO315Vertebrate Zoology LaboratoryWC - Fall Even Yrs
BIO318Vertebrate EmbryologyWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO319Vertebrate Embryology LaboratoryWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO320HistologyWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO321Histology LaboratoryWC - Spring Even Yrs
BIO325Genetics/Molecular BioWC - Spring
BIO326ImmunologyWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO327Immunology LaboratoryWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO401Ethical Issues in ScienceWC - Spring
BIO405Intro to Biological ResearchWC - Spring
BIO420BiochemistryWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO421Biochemistry LaboratoryWC - Spring Odd Yrs
BIO485Internship: Biological ScienceWC Fall/Spring
BIO487Sr Research Data CollectionWC - Summer
BIO488Senior Biology Research ProjecWC - Fall
BUS230Principles of ManagementWC F/S ON-1,4 LX-1,4
BUS255Principles of MarketingWC F/S ON-2,3 LX-2,3
BUS313Business and Organizational CommunicatioWC-F,S ON-M1,3,5 LX-M1,3
BUS319Business Research MethodsWC-Fall ON-M1 LX-M1
BUS321Managerial FinanceWC-F/S ON-2,4 LX-2,4
BUS340Legal Environment of BusinessWC-Fall ON-M1 LX-M1
BUS341Business LawAs Needed
BUS390Global BusinessWC Fall ON-2,5 LX-2
BUS411Strategic PlanningWC Fall ON-1,5 LX-1
BUS415Project ManagementAs Needed
BUS427Business Plan DevelopmentAs Needed
BUS490Business CapstoneAs Needed
BUS495Bus InternshipAs Needed
BUSM501Fundamentals of Graduate BusinessONL- Modules 1,2,3,4,5
BUSM520Leadership& Effective Decision-MakingONL - M1, 3, 5
BUSM540Organizational BehaviorOnline Modules 1,2, 3
BUSM540UOrganizational BehaviorOnline - Module 4
BUSM550Business LawOnline Modules 2, 4, 5
BUSM560Financial ManagementOnline Modules 2 and 4
BUSM570Econ Analysis for Busin Decision-MakingOnline Modules 2 and 4
BUSM600Strategic Marketing ManagementOnline Modules 2, 3, 5
BUSM620Global BusinessONL - M1, 3, 5
BUSM640Operations ManagementONL - M1, 3, 5
BUSM660Strategic ManagementOnline Modules 1, 4, 5
BUSM690Management IssuesOnline Modules 1, 3, 4
CHM150Principles of ChemistryOnline - Module 1
CHM170General Chemistry IWC - Fall
CHM171General Chemistry I LaboratoryWC - Fall
CHM175General Chemistry IIWC - Spring
CHM176General Chemistry Laboratory IIWC - Spring
CHM330Organic Chemistry IWC - Fall
CHM331Organic Chemistry Laboratory IWC - Fall
CHM335Organic Chemistry IIWC - Spring
CHM336Organic Chemistry Laboratory IIWC - Spring
CHM420BiochemistryWC - Spring Odd Yrs
CHM421Biochemistry LabWC - Spring Odd Yrs
CIS235Application SoftwareWC-Fa/Sp ONL-Mod 1-5
CIS330Intro to Management Information SystemsWC Fall - ONL Mod 1, 5
CRJ101Intro to Criminal JusticeWC Fall Odd -ONL M1 Even
CRJ201CorrectionsWC-Fall Odd ONL-M 2 Odd
CRJ301Criminal ActsWC Spr Even -ONL M3 Odd
CRJ305Constitutional Rights/Crim ProWC-Spr Even ONL-M4 Odd
CRJ310Criminal OrganizationsWC-Fall Even ONL-M2 Odd
CRJ315Psy, His, and Soc Issues of TerrorismWC-Fall Even ONL-M1 Even
CRJ320Spec Topics Criminal JusticeAs Needed
CRJ350Policing in AmericaWC-Spr Even ONL-M4 Odd
CRJ405Criminal Justice EthicsWC-Spr Odd ONL-M4 Even
CRJ410Courts/Court ProcedureWC-Spr Odd ONL-M3 Even
CRJ420Criminal InvestigationWC-Fall Even ONL-M2 Even
CRJ495Criminal Justice InternshipAs Needed
CRJ496Criminal Justice CapstoneAs Needed
CRJ498Crim Justice Research/PracWC-Fall Odd M1-2 Even
DS301Diversity Through TravelAs Needed
DVS290Human DifferenceWC-F/S ON-1,3,5 LX-1,4
ECO217Principles of MicroeconomicsWC-Fall ON-M1 LX-M1
ECO220Prin MacroEconomicsWC Spring ON-M2 LX-M2
ECO225Intro to EconomicsAs Needed
EDU103Introduction to EducationWC-Spring ONL-Mod 1
EDU108Intro to the Teacher Ed ConcentrationWC - Spring ONL- Mod 2
EDU188Field Experience - InitialOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU201Technology in the Educational SettingOnline Modules 1 and 3
EDU202Mathematics for Teachers IOnline - Module 3
EDU210Teaching and Learning IWC-Fall ONL-Mod 1, 3
EDU286Field Experience - ElementaryOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU286MField Experience - Elem/MiddleOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU287Field Experience - Mid SchoolOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU288Field Experience - High SchOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU288MField Experience - H S/MiddleOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU302Mathematics for Teachers IIOnline - Module 4
EDU305Classroom Mgt/TheoryOnline - Module 4
EDU314Multicultural EducationWC Spring ONL-Mod 2,4
EDU315Excep Child & Legal Aspects Spec EdOnline Modules 2 and 4
EDU321Char of Children W/Learning Behavoir DisOnline - Module 1
EDU329Secondary Learning Behavior DisordersOnline - Module 3
EDU332Educational Evaluation TechniquesOnline Modules 2 and 4
EDU338Foundations of LiteracyOnline - Module 1
EDU340Classroom/Behavior Mgt Learning/BehaviorOnline - Module 4
EDU350Instr Tech, Mat, & Community ResourcesOnline - Module 4
EDU360Teaching and Learning IIWC-Spring ONL-M1,3
EDU370Tch Literacy All Stud Across Grade LvlOnline - Module 2
EDU380Ed Program Elementary Students LbdOnline - Module 1
EDU390Exceptionalities in EducatinoOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU404Secondary Read/Lan Arts MethModule 5 - Campus
EDU405Elem/M S Reading/Lang Arts MetWC-Spr ONL-M 3, 5 campus
EDU410Biology Methods -SecondaryAs Needed
EDU419Elem/M S Social Studies MethWC-Fall ON-M3,5 campus
EDU420Secondary Math MethodsModule 5 - Campus
EDU421Elem/M S Science MethWC-Fall ONL-M4,5 campus
EDU425Elem/M S Math MethodsWC-Sp ON-M4,5 campus
EDU498Student Teaching/SeminarSpr & Fall 14 Wk On-Site
EDU499Education Field Exp PracticumOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
EDU501Teachers Prof LeadersOnline-Modules 1,2,3,4, and 5
EDU502Closing Achieve GapOnline - Module 3
EDU504Content LiteracyOnline - Modules 2 and 5
EDU506Policy and LawOnline - Module 5
EDU507Collaborating CoachingOnline - Module 1
EDU508Prof Growth DevelopmentOnline - Module 2
EDU509P-12 Topics TrendsOnline - Module 4
EDU511Equity and JusticeOnline - Module 4
EDU529Action ResearchOnline Modules 1 and 3
EDU531Action Res IIOinline-Modules 2, 4, 5
EDU611Envir Ed FoundationsOnline - Module 1
EDU629Spec Topics Environmental EdAs Needed
EDU631Case Studies Environmental EdOnline - Module 5
EDU633Environmental EthicsOnline - Module 2
EDU637Teaching Envir EduOnline - Module 3
ENG100Introduction to College EnglishWC Fall/Spring
ENG101College Writing IWC-F,S ON-M1,3,5 LX-M1,3
ENG102College Writing IIWC-F,S ON-M2,4,5 LX-M2,4
ENG210Introduction to LiteratureWC-Fa Even ON-1,5 LX -3
ENG211Introduction to JournalismWC - Fall Even Yrs
ENG215Introduction to Literary CriticismWC - Spring Even Yrs
ENG220Creative WritingWC - Spring Even Yrs
ENG300Linguistics and History English LanguageOnline - Module 1
ENG305Studies in World LiteratureOnline - Module 3
ENG310Topics in WritingWC - Fall Even Yrs
ENG312Professional WritingWC - Spring ONL- Mod 2
ENG313American Lit Survey I:colonial to Ww IIONL - Fall Odd Yrs Mod 1
ENG315American Lit Srv II : Ww II to PresentONL Even Yrs Mod 3
ENG325Writing Center-Theory/PracticeAs Needed
ENG327British Literature Survey IONL Fall Even Yrs Mod 1
ENG328British Literature Survey IIONL Odd Years Mod 3
ENG341Adolescent LiteratureONL - Even Yrs Mod 4
ENG380Writing in the DisciplinesWC-Fa/Spr ONL-Mod 2
ENG390Special TopicsAs Needed
ENG405ShakespeareONL - Even Yrs Mod 2
ENG410Topics in WritingWC - Fall Even Yrs
ENG420Internship - English MajorsAs Needed
ENG498Senior Interdisciplinary SeminarAs Needed
ENV201Principles of Environmental ScienceOnline Modules 1 and 3
ENV202Principles of Environmental Science LabOnline Modules 2 and 4
ENV305Global EcologyWC - Fall ONL- Mod 4
ENV308Env Science MethodsWC - Spring Odd Yrs
ENV309Environmental Science LaboratoryýEnvironmental Science LabWC - Spring Odd Yrs
ENV312General EcologyWC - Fall Odd Years
ENV313Gen Ecology LabWC - Fall Odd Years
ENV401Ethical Issues in ScienceWC - Spring
ENV402Environmental LawWC - Fall
ENV415Conservation BiologyONL Modules 1-2
ENV417Issues Investigations (env)WC - Summer
ENV421Natural Resource MgtONL Modules 3-4
ENV485Internship: Environmental ScienceAs Needed
ENV495Envir Science Capstone/PracAs Needed
ENV515Conservation BiologyONL Modules 1-2
ENV517Issues Investigations (env)WC - Summer
ENV521Nat Res Mgt Diverse Culture ContextsONL Modules 3-4
ENV619Case Studies Environmental SciAs Needed
EQS109Equine Farm Operations IWC - Fall
EQS111Eqs Farm Operations IIWC - Spring
EQS165Introduction to the Equine IndustryWC - Fall
EQS209Equine Farm Operations Mgt 1WC - Fall
EQS210Topics in Equine ManagementAs Needed
EQS211Equine Farm Oper Mgt IIWC - Spring
EQS214Equine Healthcare ManagementWC - Fall
EQS215Equine Anat/PhysiologyWC - Spring
EQS216Eqs A/P LabWC - Spring
EQS226Equine Rehabilitation IWC - Spring
EQS251Feeds, Feeding & ForagesWC - Fall
EQS299Ind Study - EqsAs Needed
EQS307Equine Reproductive ManagementWC - Fall
EQS309Topics in Equine StudiesAs Needed
EQS314Writing in Equine StudiesWC - Fall
EQS318Equine BehaviorWC - Spring
EQS325Equine & Comparative Anatomy&physiologyWC - Fall Even Yrs
EQS326Equine Rehabilitation IIWC - Fall
EQS327Pasture ManagementWC - Spring
EQS335Integrative Performance ClinicalWC - Spring
EQS337Equine Facilities MgtWC - Spring
EQS351Animal NutritionWC - Spring Even Yrs
EQS356Exercise PhysiologyWC - Fall
EQS395Equine InternshipWC- Fa, Sp & Summer
EQS398Topics - Study AbroadWC - Spring
EQS399Ind Study - EqsAs Needed
EQS411Animal Ethics, Welfare, Rights and LawWC - Fall
EQS412Equine Facility DesignWC - Spring
EQS426Equine Rehabilitation IIIWC - Fall
EQS430Eastern MedicineWC - Spring
EQS435Equine Nutrition/PharmacologyWC - Spring Odd Yrs
EQS492Equine CapstoneWC Fall/Spring
EQS495Equine Senior SeminarWC - Fall
EQS602Equine EntrepreneurshipOnline - Module 1
EQS612Legal Issues-Risk MgtOnline - Module 1
EQS622Ethics - Equine IndustryOnline - Module 2
EQS632Marketing-PromotionOnline - Module 3
EQS642Equine Studies CapstoneONL Modules 3-4
GEO110GeographyOnline Modules 1 and 3
GOVT201American GovernmentOnline Modules 2 and 4
HCA300Health Care EconomicsWCFall; ON MOD 1,3,5
HCA301Ethics in Health CareWCFall; ON MOD 1,3,5
HCA305Management Information SystemsWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
HCA307Health Insurance Claims ManagementWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
HCA312Health/Medical Care Delivery SystemsWC Fall - ONL Mod 2, 5
HCA391Health CareersWC - Fall Online - Module 2
HCA392Medical Staff OrganizationsWC - Spring Online - Mod 3
HCA400Legal Issues in Health CareWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
HCA405Management & Planning in Health CareWC Fall - ONL Mod 2, 5
HCA412Health Care PolicyWC Fall - ONL Mod 2, 5
HCA418Financial Mgt -Health Care OrganizationsWC Spring ONL MOD 1,5
HCA492HCA CapstoneWC-Spr ONL-Mod 3-4
HCA602Health Care Fin MgtOnline - Module 1
HCA612Health Care Politics/PolicyOnline - Module 1
HCA622Adv Health Care MgtOnline - Module 2
HCA632Ethics/Mgt Dilemma Hlth CareOnline - Module 3
HCA642Capstone in Health CareONL Modules 3-4
HIS101World Civilization IWC-Spring ONL-Mod 1
HIS102World Civilization IIOnline - Module 2
HIS140History of United States to 1865ONL-M3 LX-M5
HIS141History of the U S Since 1865Online - Module 4
IDS101Intro to I D SOnline - Module 2
IDS110Exper/Service Learning IOnline - Module 1
IDS210Exper/Service Learning IIOnline - Module 2
IDS310Exper/Service Learning IIIOnline - Module 1
IDS402Interdisciplinary Studies InternshipAs Needed
IDS410Exper/Service IVOnline - Module 4
IDS490Senior I D S CapstoneOnline - Module 4
MCO201Intro Integr Mktg ComWC-Fall ONL-Mod 1, 3
MCO210Writing for I M CWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
MCO220Advertising PrinciplesWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
MCO230Graphic Design IWC - Fall Online - Module 1
MCO301Public RelationsWC - Fall Online - Module 2
MCO315Consumer/Audience AnalysisWC - Fall ONL-Mod 3
MCO318Advertising WritingWC-Fall ONL-M4 Even Yrs
MCO320Global Brand MgtWC - Fall Online - Module 2
MCO325Digital StorytellingWC - Spring ONL- Mod 2
MCO330Graphic Design IIWC - Spring ONL- Mod 2
MCO350Political WritingWC-Sp Even ONL-M1 Odd
MCO405Internal Brand CommunicationWC-Spring ONL-Mod 1
MCO410Applied I M C WritingWC - Fall ONL-Mod 3
MCO430Digital AnimationWC - Fall ONL- Mod 4
MCO440Appl Graphic DesignWC-Spring ONL-Mod 1
MCO450Media Sales/AnalysisWC - Spring Online - Mod 3
MCO490CapstoneWC Fall/Spr ONL- Mod 4
MTH106Math for MedsWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
MTH120Basic MathematicsWC - Fall Online - Module 1
MTH135Intermediate AlgebraWC-F/S ON-M1,5 LX-M1
MTH139Introduction to StatisticsWC-F/S On-M1,3 Lx-1,4
MTH140College AlgebraWC F/S ON-M2,5 LX-M2
MTH145Finite MathematicsAs Needed
MTH220Calculus IWC Spr Even ONL-Mod 1-2
MTH222Calculus IIWC Fall Odd ONL-Mod 3-4
MTH223Calculus IIIWC Fall Even ON- Mod 1-2
MTH230College GeometryWC Spr Odd Yrs ONL-Mod 3
MTH245Probability and StatisticsWC-Fa/Sp ONL-Mod 1,3
MTH301Differential EquationsWC-Fall Odd ONL-M 2 Odd
MTH305Mathematical Reasoning and ProofsONL Module 1 Even Yrs
MTH310Linear AlgebraONL Odd Years Mod 3
MTH315Math Statistics IONL - Even Yrs Mod 4
MTH316Math Statistics IIAs Needed
MTH320Discrete MathONL Module 2 Odd Years
MTH401Abstact Algebra IONL - Fall Odd Yrs Mod 1
MTH402Abstract Algebra IIONL Even Yrs Mod 3
MTH405Real Analysis IONL - Even Yrs Mod 2
MTH406Real Analysis IIONL - Odd Yrs Mod 4
MTH408Number TheoryONL Even Yrs Mod 3
MTH498Senior Seminar: MathematicsAs Needed
MUS111University ChoraleWC Fall/Spring
MUS140Piano ClassAs Needed
MUS167Music AppreciationWC-Fa ON-M2 LX-M1
MUS215Survey of Pop MusicWC-Sp ON-M4 LX-M3
MUS311Midway SingersWC Fall/Spring
MUS315Song Writing IWC - Fall ONL- Mod 4
MWY101Pathways and PerspectivesWC Fall/Spring
NSG115Nursing I and ClinicalWC-Fall Evening-Fall
NSG120Nursing II and ClinicalWC-Spr Evening-Spr
NSG210Nursing III and ClinicalWC-Fall Evening-Mod 5
NSG215Nursing PediatricsAs Needed
NSG225Nursing IV and ClinicalWC-Spr Evening-Fall
NSG230Nursing V and ClinicalWC-Spr Evening-Fall
NSG310Introduction to Professional NursingOnline Modules 1 and 3
NSG330PathophysiologyONL Modules 1-2
NSG340Health Assessment& Clinical InferenceOnline - Module 2
NSG360PharmacologyONL Modules 1-2
NSG370Adaptat: Adv Conc Acute& Chronic IllnessOnline - Module 3
NSG390Teaching and LearningOnline - Module 3
NSG410Community Health NursingOnline - Module 4
NSG411Community Hth PracticumOnline - Module 4
NSG430Introduction to Evidence-Based ResearchONL Modules 3-4
NSG440Trends & Issues in Professional NursingOnline - Module 4
NSG460Nursing Mgt & Leadeship Senior ProjectOnline - Module 5
NSG461Nsg Mgt Lead PracticumOnline - Module 5
NSG510Professional Role TransitionOnline - Module 1
NSG520Evidence-Based NursingOnline - Module 2
NSG530Quality Improvement/SafetyOnline - Module 2
NSG540Ethics and Health PolicyOnline - Module 4
NSG560Adv Pathophysiology/PharmacologyOnline - Module 4
NSG570Role Nurse AdministratorOnline - Module 1
NSG580Adv Health AssessmentOnline - Module 3
NSG590Nsg Leadership Healthcare Delivery SysteOnline - Module 4
NSG610Informatics/Healthcare TechnologyOnline - Module 3
NSG620Translational ResearchOnline - Module 1
NSG625Curriculum Development/ImplementationOnline - Module 1
NSG627Financial Aspects Health CareOnline - Module 2
NSG635Outcome Measurement/Evaluation EducationOnline - Module 2
NSG650Nursing Education PracticumOnline - Module 3
NSG652Nursing Administration PractOnline - Module 3
NSG660Nursing Education Scholarly ProjectOnline - Module 4
NSG662Nursing Admin Scholarly ProjectOnline - Module 4
NSG670Nursing Education ThesisOnline - Module 4
NSG672Nursing Administrator ThesisOnline - Module 4
PHE102YogaAs Needed
PHE104Beginning TennisAs Needed
PHE105Fitness WalkingAs Needed
PHE112Badminton IAs Needed
PHIL301EthicsWC Fall - ONL Mod 1, 5
PSC105Exploring Dynamic Connections on EarthWC - Fall ONL-Mod 3
PSC106Exploring Dynamic LabWC - Fall
PSC240Physics IWC - Fall
PSC241Physics Laboratory IWC - Fall
PSC245Physics IIWC - Spring
PSC246Physics II LaboratoryWC - Spring
PSC251Physics - Engineers I LabAs Needed
PSC252Physics - Engineers IIAs Needed
PSC253Physics - Engineers II LabAs Needed
PSY180General PsychologyWC-Fa/Sp ONL-Mod 1,3
PSY260Human Growth and DevelopmentWC-Fall/Spr ONL-Mod 2, 4
PSY265Multicultural PsychologyWC-Fall Even ONL-M1 Even
PSY270A D C Counseling TechniquesWC - Fall
PSY280Case ManagementWC - Spring
PSY301Patterns of Human SexualityWC-Spr Odd ONL-M3 Odd
PSY307Kinesic InterviewingWC-Spr Even ONL-M4 Even
PSY312Social PsychologyWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
PSY315Physiological PsychologyWC - Spring Online - Mod 3
PSY320Abnormal PsychologyWC - Fall Online - Module 1
PSY321Psychology of GenderWC-Fall Odd ONL-M1 Odd
PSY330Personality and AdjustmentWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
PSY336Learning and CognitionWC-Fall Odd ONL-M1 Odd
PSY337Counseling Theory & TechniquesWC - Fall Online - Module 2
PSY350Forensic PsychologyWC Fall Even -ONL M2 Even
PSY355Research MethodsWC-Fall ONL-Mod 1-2
PSY360PsychopharmacologyWC - Fall Even Yrs
PSY362Individual & Group TherapyWC - Spring
PSY364Diagnosis/AssessmentWC - Spring
PSY370Begin Practicum in a D CWC - Fall
PSY401History and Systems of PsychologyWC - Spring Online - Mod 3
PSY405The Psychology ProfessionOnline - Module 2
PSY410Community Service PracticumOnl-Modules 1-2,3-4
PSY415Sr Proj Demonstrating ExcellenceONL Modules 3-4
PSY470Adv Practicum in a D CWC - Spring
RDG100College ReadingAs Needed
REL285World ReligionsWC Fa Even ON-M3 LX-M2
SOC120Principles of SociologyWC-Fall ON-M2 LX-M4
SOC220Social ProblemsWC - Spring Online - Mod 4
SPA125Conversational Spanish IOnline - Module 1
SPA126Conversational Spanish IIOnline - Module 2
SPA199Language/Culture TopicsAs Needed
SPM110Intro Sport ManagementWC - Fall Online - Module 1
SPM200Socio-Cultural Dimen in SportWC Spr Odd Yrs Onl-Mod 2
SPM210Sport PsychologyWC Fall Odd - ONL Mod 2
SPM300Communications in SportWC - Spring Online - Mod 3
SPM315Financial Applic in SportWC Fall Even - ONL Mod 4
SPM320Legal Issues in SportWC Spr Odd - ONL Mod 4
SPM325Mgt/Leadership in SportWC-Spring ONL-Mod 1
SPM330Sport MarketingWC-Fall Even ONL-M2
SPM340Facility Mgt/DesignWC Fall Odd Yrs ONL-Mod 3
SPM400Managing Sports EventsWC Spr Even - ONL Mod 4
SPM410Sr Seminar/InternshipWC-Fa/Sp ONL-Mod 1-5
SPM418Intern Experience in Sport ManagementAs Needed
SPM420Intern Experience Sport ManagementAs Needed
SPM425Special TopicsAs Needed
SPM602Sports LawOnline - Module 1
SPM612Sports Organization FinanceOnline - Module 1
SPM622Sport MarketingOnline - Module 2
SPM632Organizational Behavoir in SportsOnline - Module 3
SPM642Capstone in Sport MgtAs Needed
TEM150Intro to Tourism/Event MgtAs Needed
TEM200Event Planning and MgtAs Needed
TEM250Convention Conference MgtAs Needed
TEM300Creating Visitors' ExperienceAs Needed
TEM310Prof Development PreparationAs Needed
TEM320Wedding PlanningAs Needed
TEM400Destination MarketingAs Needed
TEM410Services MarketingAs Needed
TEM450Equine TourismAs Needed
TEM460Bourbon Tourism AnalyticsOnline - Module 1
TEM476The Bourbon Experience and HospitalityOnline - Module 2
TEM480TEM - Special TopicsCampus - Module 4
TEM482Destination Brand & the Bourbon ExperienOnline - Module 3
TEM485TEM - Independent StudyCampus - Module 4
TEM487Event Mgt & the Bourbon ExperienceOnline - Module 4
TEM490TEM - InternshipAs Needed
TEM510Services MarketingCampus - Module 3
TEM520Bourbon Tourism Industry AnalyticsOnline - Module 1
TEM576The Bourbon Experience and HospitalityOnline - Module 2
TEM580TEM - Special TopicsCampus - Module 4
TEM600Destination BrandingOnline - Module 3
TEM632Event Management & the Bourbon ExperiencOnline - Module 4
TEM642TEM CapstoneONL Modules 3-4
WST100Women's IssuesWC Fall/Spring
WST200Intro Gender StudiesWC - Fall Even Yrs


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