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  • Plan Your Future

Planning for the future can seem quite daunting at the beginning of the educational and career exploration journey, but understanding one’s values, interests, and priorities will be helpful through the process. Take the time to explore and define personal values and non-negotiables before career exploration begins while staying flexible enough to grow and develop new ideas and understandings about self, the world of work, and personal fulfillment.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration usually begins in childhood and should continue throughout one’s life, learning new preferences, rejecting previously held beliefs, and adapting to the changing landscape of the world of work. In order to prepare for career exploration, consider completing the following assessments on Focus2*:

  • My Career Planning Readiness
  • Work Interest Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
*For Alumni and other partners who cannot access Focus2 using a Midway University log on credential, complete the O*Net Interest Profiler or consider assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and/or the Clifton-Strengths. If you would like additional coaching on how to use these assessments during your career search- contact the Career Team! Check out this video for details on using O*Net.

The assessments mentioned above are a valuable insight to your preferences and personality, however, it is not the whole picture. Consider making a list of tasks from current or previously held positions that you enjoy, are proficient at and would like to continue doing. Now categorize those into preferences- process-oriented or people-oriented. Rank those tasks from most favorite to least favorite and then search those tasks in the O*Net database to find additional job titles with similar tasks.

Additionally, make a list of essential skills you possess that would make you a good candidate for a variety of roles. Finally, make a list of technical skills you possess that would make you a good candidate for specific roles. Use these lists as you create your customized resumes.

How to Pick a Major

Entering Midway University as an Undecided student is perfectly acceptable and, in some instances, encouraged. Each student must be aware of educational goals, available financial aid, and familial needs. Some majors at Midway University will require eight (8) fully structured semesters to complete the program; if a student is considering one of these programs, engage in career exploration earlier and with great intentionality. Reach out to the Career Services Office immediately for assistance.

Other majors and minors at Midway University offer the flexibility for early exploration as long as a major has been declared by the attainment of 60 course credits. A major could be decided for or against by a student taking a course or series of courses of interest to determine long term interest or fit. Students can also explore potential majors by scheduling advising appointments with faculty advisors, meeting with faculty in degree programs, and/or exploring potential careers with a guide in the industry.

Additionally, students can access “What to do with a Major in… at Midway University” through their Focus2 Account (accessible via My Midway Portal). This tool aids students as they explore different majors offered at Midway University. Students can also search by occupation and see suggested majors to explore at Midway! To take this exploration further, schedule a meeting with the Director of Advising and Retention or the Director of Career Services!

How to Pick a Career

After purposeful exploratory activities have been completed, exploratory career seekers should have the knowledge and confidence to take intentional steps in creating a personal career pathway. These steps could include engaging in informational interviews, job shadows or internships, researching industries and companies, analyzing best fit with self-identity and workplace demands, joining industry relevant associations, or attending networking events. For more assistance in choosing a career pathway, connect with industry professionals on the Connect tab or schedule a meeting with the Director of Career Development.