Revise, Refocus Your Resume and Profile
By Midway | Jul 22, 2020
Revise, Refocus Your Resume and Profile

This midpoint of the year is a great time to reflect, revise and refocus your personal goals, professional presence, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Not sure how to get started? Check out this video detailing how to create a professional presence or visit the Virtual Career Center for instructions. If you already have a start on your resume and LinkedIn, now is the time to review and revise!

Review the employment history listed on your resume.

  • Do they start with action verbs?
  • Do you quantify your accomplishments often?
  • Do your descriptions include relevant key words?
  • Did you highlight transferrable skills to the position you want in the future?

Evaluate your listed skills.

  • Should you add new skills you’ve developed?
  • Should you remove skills that will not serve you in your job search (not to say you’re actively looking)?
  • Have some skills been lost that need to be removed?

Revise your education and professional development section.

  • Did you complete a degree that should be added?
  • Have you removed high school, yet? If you answered no, you need to do that now.
  • Have you completed some additional training or earned any certificates to add?

Evaluate and revise your professional statement.

  • Remember, there is no “I” in resume as you rewrite
  • Focus on highlighting skills that have become more valuable during Healthy at Home such as:
    • working independently
    • taking initiative
    • task orientation
    • collaboration
    • communication
  • Maintain relevance to the field and direction of desired growth.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Once you have completed your resume, edit and update your LinkedIn Profile then complete these 3 additional steps.

  • Update your Headline to what you do and have to offer instead of your job title.
  • Spell check and edit your summary (your summary can be a few paragraphs)
  • Ensure your URL is customized- if it isn’t, watch this video to learn how.

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