Midway University Sport Management Research Group Receives Grant
By Midway | Mar 29, 2022
Midway University Sport Management Research Group Receives Grant

Sport Management Research Group Will Study Bike/Walk Community Research Project

Members of the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission (KBBC) recently presented grant funds to Dr. Jeb Gorham, Midway University Botkin Professor, and several Sport Management students.

Gorham and his students are conducting a feasibility study on the bikeability and walkability of the Midway Community. The grant funds will cover all survey costs, including any print and survey technology, the bikeability/walkability software applications and device technology, data analysis software, and other study development, analysis, and reporting costs.

According to Gorham, the team will be using new methods to survey bikeability and walkability that involve radar technology and mapping to accompany traditional methods of assessment. Once completed Gorham and his research team will present their findings to the Midway City Council and Bike/Walk Task Force.

The $7,600 in grant funds awarded are from the Share the Road Paula Nye Grant initiative.

Photo -left to right– Karol Kovacovsky (community member), Dr. Jeb Gorham (researcher), Steve Morgan(community member), Luke Logan (student researcher), Jacob Kocis (student researcher), Bill Gorton (KBBC), Phil Holoubek (KBBC).

More About the Project

Primary researcher– Dr. Jeb Gorham – Sport Management Program and Botkin Professorship affiliated research

Student researchers– Luke Logan, Jacob Kocis, Elliott Smith, and Ally Bitgood

Purpose – Design, implement, and report on a study to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Design a comprehensive feasibility study that incorporates multiple needs of the Midway Bike/Walk Task Force
  2. Implement a bikeability and walkability analysis
  3. Identify and interview/survey community stakeholders with respect to the health, recreational, economic, social, cultural, and other benefits arising from bicycling and walking
  4. Report findings to the Midway City Council and Bike/Walk Task Force

The results of the study will help the Council and Task Force:

  1. Clearly define the trail planning objectives.
  2. Develop relationships with community stakeholders.
  3. Explore linkages to existing connectors with Franklin, Scott, and the Lexington-Fayette County trails.
  4. Identify additional opportunities for health, recreation, and tourism, linking those opportunities with Midway.
  5. Develop a project strategy on how best to proceed

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