Admissions Spotlight - Meet Melody Small
Aug 10, 2018, by Midway
Admissions Spotlight – Meet Melody Small

Where are you from?
Bowling Green, KY

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
There is a little alcove in the second floor of the library that has a beautiful chandelier and couches and overlooks most of campus. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

What hobby do you wish you had more time for?
Traveling. I want to do so many road trips, but don’t have enough time!

What did you study in college?
Equine Rehabilitation and Psychology

If you could go to college again, what would you do differently?
Study Abroad! I have only been out of the country once, and I’m jealous of all of the students who get to go to other countries.

What is the hardest class you have ever taken?
Dr. Delfino’s General Biology. But ask me anything you want about plant life cycles!

What’s your favorite off-campus hangout?
My house. I love being an introvert and just playing video games or watching Kpop videos on YouTube.

If you weren’t an admissions counselor, what would you be?
Working in LGBTQ+ services.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given, favorite quote or song lyrics?
“Nothing lasts forever. You only live once. So live your life, not any others’ lives. Take chances and never regret. Never, never be late to do what you want to do. Because at one point of someday, everything you did will be exactly what you will be.”

Favorite college experience:
The day that I decided that I wanted to leave a legacy here and started becoming who I want to be.

Best thing about Midway University:
It is home.

Advice for the college search:
Explore everything – every college, every major that you are interested in, and don’t let anyone else make decisions for you.

Standard Starbucks order:
Venti Java Chip Frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso, hazelnut and caramel.

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