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  • Kimberlyn Price: Excelling in Equine Studies and FFA Leadership at Midway University

January 12, 2024

Kimberlyn Price's journey from high school to college life at Midway University has been marked by a seamless transition and a passion for equine studies. Coming from a smaller high school, the cozy campus atmosphere at Midway felt like a natural fit. Having a sister enrolled at Midway added an extra layer of support, fostering a sense of familiarity and ease. Kimberlyn reflects, "Transitioning from high school to Midway was incredibly smooth. The faculty and staff are so kind and always willing to help, making me feel at home right away."

Motivated by a desire to become a large animal veterinarian, Kimberlyn chose Equine Studies to gain hands-on learning experiences. Her journey began with coursework in Equine Anatomy and Physiology, where she eagerly anticipates delving into the intricacies of horses' muscles and bones. Beyond the classroom, Kimberlyn has actively participated in the equine industry, assisting with farriers, equine dentists, and veterinarians, gaining a diverse range of experiences.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Kimberlyn has achieved the remarkable feat of being elected as the Northern Kentucky State Vice President for the FFA Association (Future Farmers of America). Her role involves advocating for agriculture and agricultural education, bridging connections between Midway University and FFA chapters across the state. Despite the demands of her FFA responsibilities, Kimberlyn effectively manages her time, communicating closely with professors and creating organized to-do lists to stay on track academically.

Kimberlyn reflects on her first semester, highlighting challenges such as balancing academic commitments with FFA responsibilities, particularly during the National FFA Convention. Yet, she remains resilient, utilizing effective communication and proactive approaches to navigate such challenges. Kimberlyn shares, "In the beginning of the fall semester, I had to work at the State Fair in Louisville while ensuring I met my professors and classmates. I learned the importance of communication and that when you communicate properly with others, they will always be willing to work with you."

Unexpectedly, Kimberlyn found enrichment in her college journey through her randomly assigned roommates, adding a touch of joy to her experience.

Looking ahead, Kimberlyn envisions herself serving as a large animal veterinarian in Kentucky, utilizing the connections she's built through FFA for potential employment opportunities. Her goals include excelling in classes, building more connections with peers, and contributing to the Midway community. Kimberlyn emphasizes the importance of seizing every opportunity that comes one's way, whether it be friendships, job-shadowing, or exploring new classes.

Kimberlyn's ability to connect with professors, peers, and professionals in the Equine Studies field has been facilitated by Midway's intimate campus size. Her parents, especially her FFA-involved father, and mentors like Mr. Timothy Henry from the Grant County Cattlemen’s Association, have played pivotal roles in shaping her academic and FFA journey.

For incoming freshmen interested in Equine Studies or considering FFA involvement, Kimberlyn offers valuable advice – embrace every opportunity and be open to new experiences. Reflecting on her personal and professional growth during the first semester, Kimberlyn emphasizes the development of healthy boundaries, effective scheduling, improved communication skills, and increased confidence in seeking help when needed.

Kimberlyn's perspective on agriculture and FFA has expanded since starting college, fueled by exposure to new opportunities within the industry. She believes in the continuous growth of agriculture, driven by technological advancements and evolving job opportunities. Kimberlyn acknowledges FFA as a crucial contributor to her journey, instilling in her essential skills like time management, prioritization, and effective communication – skills she applies daily.

Midway University takes pride in students like Kimberlyn Price, who not only excel academically but also contribute significantly to the university's vibrant community and extend its reach through impactful roles like hers in the FFA.