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  • Finding Home at Midway University: A Testimonial

March 18, 2024

Testimonial provided by Rhonda McGill, mother of Barrett McGill.

As a mother, seeing your child thrive in a place that feels like home is a feeling like no other. When my son, Barrett, transferred to Midway University, I witnessed him finally finding that sense of belonging he had been searching for.

At Midway, nestled in the heart of horse country, Barrett found more than just a college; he found a community. The picturesque campus, surrounded by rolling hills and horse farms, provided the perfect backdrop for his college experience. As a girl from the country myself, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia every time I watched Barrett play baseball while horses leisurely trotted by.

But it wasn't just the scenic surroundings that made Midway feel like home. It was the close-knit atmosphere and sense of family that permeated every aspect of campus life. Barrett wanted a small campus where he could feel connected, and Midway delivered just that. From the moment he arrived, he was embraced by a supportive community of peers and faculty.

One of the highlights for us as a family has been the opportunity to support Barrett and his team at their baseball games. Midway's proximity to home allowed us to attend most games, and we even had the pleasure of providing post-game meals for the team. The gratitude and manners displayed by the players spoke volumes about the character of the individuals at Midway. 

Barrett's involvement in the baseball team at Midway has not only honed his skills but also instilled in him the values of teamwork and dedication. As a Sports Management student, Barrett's experiences both on and off the field have shaped him into a well-rounded individual ready to take on the sports industry.

Beyond athletics, Midway impressed us with its academic offerings. With a top-notch equine program and an esteemed nursing program, we knew Barrett was in good hands. The recent upgrades to the campus facilities, including a new indoor arena, only reinforced our confidence in the university's commitment to excellence. 

In the end, Midway University exceeded our expectations in every way. From its picturesque campus to its tight-knit community, it truly felt like home for Barrett. As he continues to thrive academically and athletically, we are grateful for the role Midway has played in shaping his college experience.

Barrett McGill with his parents.

Barrett McGill with his parents, Keith & Rhonda.