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  • Meet Midway's Horses - Riddle

September 20, 2021

Our equine herd is made up of some of the most unique and well-loved members of the Midway family. Take a few minutes to get to know Riddle and learn how he helps our Equine Studies students develop their skills.

"Meet Riddle! Riddle is an 11-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred that sold for nearly half a million dollars as a yearling. In his second career as a Midway Horse, he enjoys treats, scratches, treats, biting things, treats, grazing, looking grumpy, rehab time, treats, sticking his tongue out and treats. He is a valued member of the hunt seat team and is a favorite to ride. If you come out to visit him, you'll know you've got the right horse only after you've searched through all of the other bay geldings in the field. While he may not be the most unique to look at, his personality is one you'll never forget!" - Brett Currie, '17

"Riddle has been generously leased to our program for several years. Riddle is wonderful under saddle, and has a great range from being able to teach beginners to giving solid jump rounds to our more advanced students. This past May, Riddle was one of the few horses we took to IHSA Nationals at the Kentucky Horse Park, where he did very well for his first time in a large show setting. He is an easy keeper on the farm and has a big personality. We would clone him if we could! Horses like Riddle, and his owner, are an asset to our program." - Danielle Wells, Assistant Director of Equine Operations/Veterinarian Assistant