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  • MidwayU Study Abroad Grows Roots

September 19, 2019

Imagine looking at a leaf structure through a microscope and then raising up to see the entire leaf and then the whole tree. This is how Midway University Study Abroad works in a student’s life, zooming out from self to campus to the world.

My study abroad experience was truly a trip of a lifetime.
Hala Ayyash

Midway University’s study abroad program perfectly encapsulates the school’s mission statement regarding individual growth, responsible citizenship, meaningful careers, and personalized education experiences. While these ideals are realized on campus in Kentucky, allowing and providing for students to travel and learn abroad brings the entire tree into focus.

Hala Ayyash studied abroad in Summer ’18, visiting The Netherlands, Germany and Iceland. “My study abroad experience was truly a trip of a lifetime. I had the privilege of going to places that other people only dream about.” Ayyash has incorporated the experience of her travels into her artwork and studies, with plans to attend graduate school. She has a good shot, given that 90% of study abroad alumni get into their first or second choice school. Elizabeth Woodrum joined a group of Midway thespians on an educational trip to Ireland led by Dr. Rebecca Briley during Spring Break ’19. Woodrum said of the experience, “I learned a lot about their culture and things that are different than America. This opportunity was very impactful to me and makes me want to visit more places.”

Much as a tree sinks roots, Midway University’s study abroad programs will soon partner with Harlaxton College in England to provide an ongoing study abroad relationship. Students may also opt to study with any number of programs around the world. As in all pursuits at Midway, the school is dedicated to finding ways for students of every background to have equal access to programs. For more information about Midway’s study abroad opportunities, visit the Student Affairs office at McManis Student Center.