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  • Reasons to Pursue a Criminal Justice Degree

August 15, 2016
The criminal justice field is broad, providing numerous opportunities for men and women to find a job that is not only lucrative, but also is satisfying. Whether you work as a detective or criminal investigator, a police officer, or a CIA analyst or agent, there are numerous reasons to be employed in this field. Each job offers the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Common Criminal Justice Career Paths: Which Is Right For You?

With dozens of options available in this field, it can be hard to pinpoint which one may be right for your needs. Individuals who are considering this field should consider numerous positions and their day-to-day tasks to determine which is a good fit.

Correctional Officer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that those working as correctional officers, such as in jails or prisons, earn as much as $39,020 annually in service at all levels of government. They work with the prison population.

Private Detectives

Many people who work in criminal justice launch their own careers or work within local police forces to uncover information. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports these individuals working as private detectives earn an average $44,570 per year.

Forensic Science Technicians

For some, it is not about working with people, but working to solve mysteries. For those who are interested in the science in this field, working as a forensic science technician can be rewarding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates those working in this field earn about $55,360 per year.

Federal Agent

A B.S. in Criminal Justice is a pathway to working for the Federal government in the FBI. The number of opportunities here is vast and deep, but sure to be rewarding. Check out how you can help your homeland as a special agent, member of a hostage rescue team, intelligence analyst or any number of professional positions. They note a current need for detectives, too. This is a small sampling of the career options available to students interested in pursuing an education in criminal justice. Others including working as air marshals, correctional treatment specialists, CIA analysts, border patrol agents and court reporters.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In This Field?

Aside from pursuing a field that provides you with satisfaction and keeps you interested, there are many reasons why this career path can be exactly what you are looking for:
  • The salary can be lucrative in many of these fields
  • You can help to make the neighborhood  – and nation – safer
  • You are helping people learn about the crimes committed against them
  • It can help you leave a lasting memory in the community
  • A criminal justice career can provide you with plenty of opportunities for leadership and advancement
When choosing a criminal justice degree path, consider what matters to you the most. What do you hope to do, see, and provide in this field? The criminal justice program offered through Midway University can provide you with an exceptional opportunity to make your mark in this world. Which career path is right for you? Even if you are unsure, give our team a call today to start talking about your options.