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  • Advantages of Obtaining an MBA Degree

August 03, 2016

As you complete your bachelor's degree, you are likely planning for your first entry-level job -- and the steps you'll take as you ascend the career ladder. During this exciting time, it may also be worth your while to consider pursuing a Master's in Business Administration. In an extraordinarily competitive job market, an MBA can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for swift career advancement.

Business Expertise for Non-Business Undergraduates

As an undergraduate student, you may have explored science, technology or the liberal arts. With the proper managerial skills and business expertise, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your career to a management level in your chosen industry. If you combine the targeted knowledge gained as an undergraduate with a solid understanding of business concepts, your potential for career advancement could skyrocket.

Transferable Skills for Changing Careers

The transferable skills gained in our advanced MBA degree program can help you shift to a profitable and rewarding career level. Skills gained through the advanced study of business administration include leadership, analysis, communication and project management. These skills can help you advance quickly, should you choose to pursue a seemingly unrelated field following graduation.

Launching Your Own Business

Many students enroll in business school because they wish to start their own businesses and the knowledge gained through an MBA program can help aspiring entrepreneurs escape many of the pitfalls that less experienced business owners face. Trial and error is a very risky and costly way to learn how to run a business, and given the benefits of an MBA program, there's really no reason to put so much time, effort and money at stake before you're ready to take on the rigors of business ownership.

Find Your Niche

Perhaps entrepreneurship is not in your future. No worries -- there are many other ways to be a leader, and new niche areas emerge every day. One of the greatest advantages of business school is that it places you at the forefront of exciting industry developments. If you see an opportunity that fits your interests and abilities, you will have the freedom to pursue it through specialization. At Midway, you can set your sights on leadership and management as they apply to equine studies, healthcare administration, event management or sports management.

Valuable Networking Opportunity

MBA programs attract the best and the brightest individuals from a wide array of career fields. The connections you build with your professors and classmates could benefit you down the road.

The networking opportunities offered through Master’s in Business Administration programs extend far beyond the classroom to include targeted job fairs, networking events, and more. Even after graduation, alumni gather to exchange business leads. The lifelong network built through enrollment in business school can give you a competitive advantage in years to come.

Higher Salary

The entrepreneurship guidance, skill development, and networking opportunities provided through upper-level business coursework are valuable as well as the potential of an increased salary. If you're looking to boost your earnings, business school is one of the fastest and most reliable approaches you can take. A report from Fortune indicates that MBA graduates can expect to earn $45,000 more annually than those who have their bachelor's degrees.

Whether your goal is to snag a high-paying management job or to pursue small business glory, you can benefit greatly from enrolling in a Master of Business Administration program. Look to Midway's MBA degree to help equip you with the academic and networking tools needed to make a breakthrough in today's competitive business environment.

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