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  • Alumni Spotlight - Casey Bryant '04

March 15, 2024

Midway University is proud to highlight Casey Bryant ‘04 from Rineyville, KY, who currently resides in Bardstown, KY. Casey received her bachelor’s degree in business and an associate's degree in computer information systems in 2004. She chose Midway University because it’s a small school and, at the time, was all girls. She liked the fact that she could go to class in her pajamas and not worry about impressing anyone.

She enjoyed being a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, although she was not an athlete. Her favorite memory was the Last Supper, where the staff and faculty cooked and served the students after the semester was over. Yet, Casey recalls some sad but inspiring memories too. Casey was a student when 9/11 happened, and she was touched by how everyone came together. Casey explained, “Everyone made sure to check on each other. We had the opportunity to meet in the middle of campus for prayer. That meant a lot to me. Midway will always be my ‘where were you when’ moment.”

As Casey reflects on what skills she learned at Midway University, she is reminded of how she had to learn to share. “I was a spoiled only child who moved into a dorm full of girls that I had to share space with. Specifically, the bathroom and laundry room. I also learned I couldn’t stay up all night and keep my roommate awake.” In all seriousness, Casey feels she learned excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Her advice to future Eagles is “enjoy this time and don’t rush your life. Keep your eyes open for those special people you will meet during this time in your life. You never know, they could change your whole future.” 

Casey is a Livestock Insurance Adjuster for Independent Adjusters, Inc. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, although sometimes her family says her hobby is buying craft supplies. She is also an avid reader who has read over 100 books in a year's time. When Casey was asked what else she would like to share, she stated, “I hate that this is part of my daily life now, but I am a widow. I find myself having to do and learn things that I never expected to learn because they were my husband’s responsibility.”

"There was before you and there was during you. For some reason, I never thought there would be an after you." 
- Colleen Hoover