Alumni Association Board Member Overview

The purpose of the Midway University Alumni Association is to encourage alumni in active support of the mission of Midway University, to include: recruiting students, fostering networking and community among graduates, promoting financial support, and upholding traditions.

All graduates of the Kentucky Female Orphan School, Pinkerton High School, Midway Junior College, Midway College or Midway University are eligible to serve on the board of the Midway University Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association Board functions in a consultative role for and with Midway University. Members who serve agree to contribute a combination of time, talent and treasure in this important capacity.

In its consultative role, the Board provides a variety of services to the Midway University community. Foremost among these services is to broadly assist the school in the area of resource development and networking.

Members will be elected for a term of two years or three years. Terms of office will begin on the July 1 following election and members can serve up to six years in succession.

Members are asked to:

  • Attend board meetings (3-4 annually)
  • Make an annual financial contribution
  • Provide influence and access to individuals, corporations or foundations that could contribute to our educational mission
  • Assist the University through personal and/or professional expertise and services

Members are recruited by the Alumni Association Nominating Committee. For more information, contact Michelle Peterson at

Updated October 2021

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