Parents FAQ

Is Midway University a safe campus?

All college students should remember to be alert and not take chances with their safety—no matter where they go to school. However, Midway University is a safe campus located in a very safe community. Campus safety officers are on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week. They escort students on campus when needed and even help with car trouble.

Campus security reports are available online for review.

Are student health services available?

Our campus nurse maintains the health clinic to respond promptly to student health needs. The nurse is available for consultation and referrals, to administer routine medications and allergy shots, treat minor injuries and ailments, handle medical emergencies, provide educational health programs for students, and to give tests and immunizations. There is no charge to students for services provided through the university health clinic.

Will Midway University offer help to my child if he or she begins to struggle academically?

The Dean of Student Services monitors each student’s academic progress through consultation with faculty and mid-term deficiency grade reports. The director provides academic support services, study skills training, and other college transition skills. A peer-tutoring program is also offered through the Student Development Center. Upon entering Midway University, each student is assigned an academic advisor who will help him or her select appropriate goals and schedule the courses which will assist them in realizing their goals.

What type of community is Midway University located in?

Midway University is located in the small town of Midway, Kentucky, a picturesque town with 1600 residents. Built by officials of the Lexington and Ohio Railroad in 1838, its houses are stately examples of the finest in Greek revival and Gothic architecture. The town of Midway has a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops that accommodate the many tourists that visit each year. Quaint though it may be, Midway is still only 15 minutes from the major metropolitan center of Lexington, as well as the state capitol, Frankfort, and only an hour away from Louisville.

Is Midway affiliated with a religious denomination?

While the university is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), it is fully interdenominational in scope and policy. A campus minister is available to provide religiously focused programming, activities, and pastoral care to the campus community. Participation in all religious services and activities at Midway University is voluntary.The town of Midway has many fine churches readily available to students within walking distance of Midway University. The churches are active and energetic and welcome Midway students. The programs of both the college and community are such that regular participation is possible. Each student is encouraged to seek a fulfilling relationship in the church of her choice.

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