Faculty & Staff

All Midway University faculty and staff are required to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. The permit must be prominently displayed in the registered vehicle on the rearview mirror. Staff and faculty permits are obtained by submitting a completed vehicle registration form on the Midway University Portal at Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration Request Form. Multiple vehicles require separate registrations and parking permits. Permits cannot be transferred to another individual.


All Midway University students are required to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. The permit must be prominently displayed in the registered vehicle, low on the front windshield, passenger side. Student permits are obtained by completing and submitting the vehicle registration form to the Business Office. Vehicle Registration is located on the Midway University Portal at Midway University Student Vehicle Registration Form for Parking Permits. Multiple vehicles require separate registrations and parking permits.  Permits cannot be transferred to another individual.

If you sell/trade your current vehicle for another, or change license plates, you must notify the Business Office to change the vehicle registration on the first day the new vehicle is on campus. Vehicles found in violation of the parking policies are subject to a written citation and/or the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. Any student, faculty, or staff member who receives more than three violations, per semester, may have their permit and parking privileges revoked. Students must seek approval from Campus Security to leave vehicles on campus over break periods. Unsightly or inoperable vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Disabled Permits & Parking Spaces

Midway University provides safe and accessible parking for those requiring disabled parking spaces. There are a number of disabled parking spots throughout the campus reserved for visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Valid state issued Disabled parking permits must be displayed together with a Midway University Parking Permit.

Visitor Parking

Visitors to campus, including those visiting students in the residence halls, should use the designated visitor parking areas in the circle drive and in the lot next to the Anne Hart Raymond Center. Additional parking for larger parties and events should be scheduled through Campus Security at 859.846.5499.

Parking Hours & Restrictions

There are several areas on campus that are restricted or reserved for employees and students during the normal work day and other areas that are permanently restricted. Following is a schedule of parking availability by area and restriction:

Resident Student Lots: Resident Permit Holders
Faculty/Staff Parking: Faculty and Staff
Commuter Lots: Student Permit Holders
Visitor Parking: Visitors and Guests
*On evenings and weekends, all open parking spaces may be used, except for the restricted areas listed below.

24-Hour Reserved Parking: Individual Permit Holders
Disabled Spaces: Disabled Permit Holders
Fleet Lot and Physical Plant Lot: Fleet Vehicles and Plant Staff

Orange cones are used to designate additional reserved parking for University guests.  DO NOT REMOVE CONES FROM ANY LOCATION.

Vehicle Fees & Fines
Parking Permit No Charge
Replacement Permit $25
Failure to Display Permit $15
Parking in Restricted Area without
appropriate permit
Parking in Reserved space without
appropriate permit
Parking in a Disabled space without
appropriate permit
Driving over the posted speed limit
of 15 m.p.h.
Parking in a Fire Lane $15*
Blocking Dumpsters $15*
Parking on the Grass $15*
Parking in No Parking Area $10
Parking in Visitor Parking $10
Blocking Other Vehicles $10*
Creating a Traffic Hazard $10*
*Vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense

The Parking Appeals Committee will consider appeals for parking violations. Appeals must be submitted to Campus Security within five days of the parking violation.

Safety Reminders

  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • If you let someone borrow your vehicle, you are still liable for your vehicle and will be responsible for any citations issued.
  • Do not assume that if other vehicles are parked illegally, you may do the same.
  • Do not park in an unauthorized area with hazard lights flashing. This will not prevent you from receiving a citation.
  • The angled blue striped lines beside disabled spaces are not parking spaces.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 m.p.h.

Updated August 2016.

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