KCTCS Student Transfer Information

KCTCS Student Transfer Information

Midway is pleased to offer a variety of degree programs for KCTCS students and we make it easy for you to transfer your credits.

Midway is about offering you the right program to fit your needs. If you’re looking for the traditional college semester format and experience, we welcome transfer students into our Undergraduate programs. Or if you’re looking for a program in an accelerated format, choose one of our Evening or Online Undergraduate Programs programs designed with 8-week courses that start 5 times throughout the year. Many degrees can actually be completed 100% online, giving you the most flexibility in your schedule. Some students even take a combination of day, evening or online courses while working towards their degree.

Why Choose Midway University?

  • Financial Assistance – We offer a $1000 KCTCS Transfer Scholarship for those who graduated with an Associate’s degree and a 3.0 or higher GPA. Also each year more than 90% of Midway students receive some form of financial aid.
  • Transferring is Easy – Many courses completed at other institutions can easily transfer to Midway allowing students to earn their degree quickly. KCTCS students can transfer up to 30 credits toward an associate’s degree (60 credits total) and 80 towards a Bachelor’s degree (120 credits total).
  • Affordable – We offer competitive tuition rates and several payment options.
  • Free Course Evaluations – We offer free unofficial course evaluations to students to help aid in what courses they have and still need for a program
  • Course Advising and Counseling – We can assist in consulting on which classes a student needs to take while at their KCTCS institution to ensure they will transfer in for our degree program
  • Credit for Prior Learning – Students can qualify for up to 21 credit hours for knowledge they have learned outside the classroom
  • Personal Attention – Midway provides a high level of service to our students. Faculty support students and are responsive to their individualized needs.

Get Started Today!

  • Complete our online application in just a few minutes.
  • Submit official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
  • Complete any necessary acknowledgment forms provided by the Admissions Office.

Once we receive your application, you will be assigned a personal Admissions Counselor who will help you compile the necessary application materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there a limited number of credit hours that can be transferred?
Students can transfer up to 30 hours towards an Associate degree and 80 hours towards a Bachelor degree. Credits from any regionally accredited institution will transfer. Midway also offers credit through experiential learning. College credit may be awarded through the use of computerized CLEP/DANTES tests or through portfolio documentation. Military credits are also transferable.

How many credit hours must I complete at your institution to earn a Bachelor’s degree?
Associate degree students must earn complete 30 credit hours, and Bachelor degree students must complete 40 credit hours at Midway in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Is there a foreign language requirement to receive a bachelor’s degree?
No. There is NO foreign language requirement for any of our bachelor degrees.

Does your institution offer KCTCS transfer scholarships?
Transfer scholarships are available for students going into our traditional undergraduate programs. For the evening and online programs students who receive their Associates in Science, Arts, or Applied Science with a 3.0 or higher may receive $1,000.00 scholarship renewable for up to 2 years with a 2.5 GPA.

How do I apply for other scholarships and financial aid?
Students are automatically considered for scholarships upon the completion of the application. All students seeking financial aid must complete the FAFSA. Midway’s FAFSA code is 001975. For specific questions, please contact the Financial Aid office at 859.846.5410.

Will your institution honor all of my repeat options from KCTCS?

How can I contact an advisor in my major?
Students can contact an Admissions Counselor to discuss program options and the transfer of credits. The Admissions Office can be reached at 859.846.5788 or e-mail info@midway.edu.

Have More Questions?

Contact our Admissions Office at 859.846.5788 or e-mail info@midway.edu.

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