Credit for Prior Learning

At Midway, we understand that as a working students, you have had many learning experiences that occurred outside the typical classroom. Through our Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), you just might get college credit hours towards your degree for your knowledge.

University credit can be earned for knowledge gained through prior work and learning experience depending upon the nature and scope of the experience. Credit is not given for experience but for knowledge, so that in the process of requesting credit for prior learning the student must give evidence that knowledge in the area is equivalent to specified university-level student learning outcomes and encompasses knowledge both of theory and of practice.

There are various ways in which a student may give proof of such knowledge. For example, a) transfer credit from another educational institution, b) military credit, c) credit by examination, d) portfolio assessment, e) credit from a workshop or program approved by the American Council of Education. .Students can earn up to 21 credit hours towards an undergraduate degree program based on assessment. With transfer credits from other institutions and qualifying for CPL, earning your degree just got a little faster.

Each of these methods is explained in the University Catalog.


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